John McCain is constantly morphing, yet consistently testy, immigration edition

I will freely admit that I don’t understand John McCain. The irascible Arizona Senator, who has made a career out of being nasty to anyone who opposes him (nastier still to anyone who beats him — just as George W. Bush and Barack Obama) has these moments of seeming clarity, where he instantly morphs from the “hey kids, get off my lawn!” guy, to the “hang on, buddy, you’re not gonna get away with saying that madness,” guy.

At his recent immigration town hall, McCain turned into that second guy:

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The one thing you can say is that McCain has been pretty consistent in his views on immigration — well, except when he was running for re-election to his Senate seat and suddenly “build the dang fence” — a line that came back to haunt him in that town hall — became his mantra. But this was McCain in 2008 talking about immigration at yet another tense town hall:

And here’s a longer exchange between McCain and Keith Smith, one of the men in that town hall, who referenced McCain’s long discarded support for immigration reform with Ted Kennedy. And of course, at the end of the local news report, McCain turns testy.

Because … he’s John McCain.

Oh, and by the way … that crowd he was bickering with? THAT is the Republican base. Good luck, GOP political strategists, cause that’s what you’re working with.

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4 Responses to John McCain is constantly morphing, yet consistently testy, immigration edition

  1. K Smith says:

    Yep…you built that [Sen John McCain]!

  2. rupert says:

    Sometimes grumpy gramps, kissing Lindsay Graham’s butt……. and then sometimes the Maverick returns. Old age does that.

  3. joe common says:

    John Mccain is lost. He gave up leading and became a professional panderer and has no home. He cannot live with real people in real society. He is a refugee living in a gated wdc. He has no allegiance to the u.s. nor to the people he is supposed to represent. He is just a street hustler trying to hang onto his gig.

  4. Jaleel says:

    Great post, very good info

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