Talk about your crazy gun nut manifesto


This man … is insane.


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4 Responses to Talk about your crazy gun nut manifesto

  1. rupert says:

    Yes he’s insane, a liar, a dangerous crazy gun nut and all that….. and unfortunately he is brutally effective if his job is to increase gun sales and get money pouring into the NRA coffers.

  2. Kim carter says:

    He is a complete IDIOT & I live in gun happy Texas. Most gun owners I know think LaPierre is ridiculous. Basically he is the gun manufacturers BITCH! Only the Birthers type, aka KKK are that paranoid & most stupid teabaggers. Wish he would shut the hell up!!!!! He’s an embarrassment to the USA, geez!!!!

  3. joe c says:

    Wayne what’is’name has been so immersed in bullshit for so long, he has swallowed it, digested it, assimilated it, and gone borg on it. This borginity is a natural process with people who lie for a living – happens all the time. You are what you eat.

  4. I will tell all of you think with you ass the NRA we will stand up for are rights and y’all sit there and bullshit

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