Things that make you go ‘Mmm… hm.’


So Jim Greer, who swore up until like, this morning, that he had the Florida Republican Party dead to rights, and would tell all in the political trial of the century for the Sunshine State, and whose revelations could have dented not just high level statewide Republicans, but also Republican Hispanic Jesus Marco Rubio, and Democratic convert Rick Scott-slayer Charlie Cristpleaded guilty instead.

Here’s the story. Money bits:

Attempts to reach agreement on a plea languished for months until Jacksonville defense attorney Hank Coxe stepped into the case and pushed for a settlement. Prosecutors said they do not know who hired Coxe, who was present in the courtroom but did not speak. Contacted later, Coxe said Greer hired him. Greer has frequently said the prolonged criminal case has left him broke and unable to find a job.

…Cox [sp], a former Hillsborough County prosecutor named to head the statewide prosecutor’s office by Attorney General Pam Bondi, said he did not discuss negotiations that led to the plea with Bondi or anyone outside of his office.

“It was my call, in the end. I hope she is happy with me,” Cox [sp] added.

And guess what else? He’s dropping his lawsuit, too.


I want to see the receipts.

These people are happy.

I’ll bet this guys is happy, too:

How can you be an exile from Castro's Cuba when Castro wasn't in charge yet?

This guy? Depends on how you look at it.


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