This is all that anyone is going to remember from the Marco Rubio SOTU response (with bonus animated Gif!)


Because, well… it’s just that awesome. After the jump, enjoy an animated Gif of said embarrassing moment for Republican (Latin) Jesus…

Deadspin offers a swanky version … in sloooooow moootion


And now a bit of analysis. I don’t agree with the part of this Atlantic post that says Rubio was in the middle of a “pretty good” rebuttal — top ten, really — when he took that momentous swig. I actually found the speech to be tired, pedestrian, and as Chris Matthews put it, high school junior league. It offered nothing new — just boilerplate defenses of the same Washington Republican establishment policies Mitt Romney ran and lost on, only with a Latino face. It was Rubio saying to the GOP base: don’t worry, I just look like this and have “O’s” at the ends of my first and last names. Other than that, I’m no different from any Anglo Republican!” … but I digress. I do agree with this:

Rubio must have been pretty thirsty, though there were no giveaway glances at the bottle before he dove for it. But make no mistake: This was a very consequential sip of water, given that Rubio’s lines about “big government” were quite familiar, as was his biography. That made his sip the most memorable thing about his speech. Let’s pay very close attention to this much discussed sip.

First, the look. Rubio was in the middle of saying “in the short time I’ve been in Washington, nothing has frustrated me more than the false choices like the one — ” He seemed to mumble a bit on the word one, which in the prepared remarks was intended to be the plural ones, and he turned his head to his left before finishing the phrase, “the President laid out tonight.” …

… and did that really awkward, eyes still on the camera crouch. Soooo awkward.

Politico … which really must be CRUSHED, since Rubio is the Beltway village’s one true hope of Republican ethnic rebranding and resurgence … deconstructed the Twitter reax, including from El Unico himself/ #Gulpgate indeed…

Best one: “Stay thirsty, Americans – Marco Rubio— Anthony De Rosa (@AntDeRosa)”

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One Response to This is all that anyone is going to remember from the Marco Rubio SOTU response (with bonus animated Gif!)

  1. joe c says:

    Forget about your take on how this looks from your perspective for a moment and step into his shoes. This is a guy who is very concerned about appearances because he has shedded and shreaded whatever character he had and replaced it for a repuber suit for a few bucks more.

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