This week’s Herald column: skeptical about Rubio


I know, I know, he’s everybody’s Latin Hero, but I’m not on the bandwagon of El Unico.

A clip from this week’s column:

I have been almost uniquely skeptical among my media friends about Marco Rubio — the junior senator from Florida who won a three-way contest in 2010 and knows his way around a party-issued Amex card — running for president in 2016.

Sure, the media loves him. He’s the Latin Ronald Reagan who will save an easily bored and distracted press corps from a future presidential race that seems destined to be dominated by yet another Clinton.

The GOP, for its part, has eagerly pushed Rubio out front, hoping the Os at the end of his first and last names will lure millions of mainly Mexican-American Hispanic voters to the Cuban-American side of the voting aisle, (though polls show the reverse trend may be taking hold.)

So why the skepticism?

Rubio has issues, two of which are named David Rivera, who lost his House seat but not his potential to embarrass his BFF in a presidential contest; and Jim Greer, the former state GOP chair who could loudly remind folks at his corruption trial next week that he was the guy paying Rubio’s party credit card bills when Marco was state House speaker.

But my main source of doubt has been the notion that Jeb Bush, Rubio’s political mentor, is very likely running for president himself.

The theory among pro-Jeb sources is that with the party’s Obama derangement fever finally breaking, Bush the Younger, also known as the son who should have been president, or who at least would have gotten Hurricane Katrina right, is in the best position to take advantage. House Republicans’ ratings are in the basement. Fox News’ slip is showing after blowing the election. And factions of the tea party are actually considering changing their name.

The Republican party is “rebranding!” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor even did his best Obama imitation at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday, calling on Republicans to seek a “fair shot” for all, as the “health, happiness and prosperity” party. Cantor was flanked by every flavor of the American pie: a black dad who just wants his son to go to charter school, a woman who just wants her medical devices?.?.?.?and did I mention Ronald Reagan’s dad was a shoe salesman?

Who better to lead this “new” GOP than a scion of the old one. …

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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9 Responses to This week’s Herald column: skeptical about Rubio

  1. Precious says:

    Ronald Reagan was an empty suit. So, too, is Marco Rubio. A little Cuban squirt who learned the art of lies and manipulation quite well. I think Republicans are hoping his response to Obama’s State of the Union address willl recapture the droves of young Cuban Americans who voted for Obama this last election cycle. Although you and I have not agreed on much of anything since the times of yourAmateur Pundit (and you in the recent past (or was it your alter ego Flo?) calle me crazy … You and I happen to agree that Marco Rubio is just an inflated image. Garnered by the Republican party in a perhaps desperate attempt to recapture the Cuban/American and Hispanic vote in Miami and elsewhere. There is an e-card someone posted in FB. It reads “I love listening to liles, especially when I know the truth.” That should be a placard which visits every Marco Rubio speech. Yes. Including in the halls of congress.

  2. Flo says:

    Nice to see you, Precious. Play nice.

  3. Precious says:

    Flo. I am an adult. Not a child who needs to be told how to, or not to, “play.”

    Just like CBS should not be telling those grammy nominees to “cover up They are adults and should use their discretion, or lack of it, on how to dress.

    I thought we live in a freedom of speech country. Now, I wonder.

  4. Flo says:

    Thought I was trying to be being friendly, Precious. But apparently you’re still crazy. I’m not a moralizer, and yes you have freedom of speech, but the public airwaves are not for pornography.

  5. CJ says:

    Joy, instead of lowering the bar by calling people with who you disagree “know-nothings” maybe you should simply say that anyone who lawfully aligns with either party is a buffoon. We need more pragmatists, not race-bating, Chris Matthew throne sniffing fools, who degenerate into blind adherence as part of her knee jerk reaction.

  6. Sky Diver says:

    Precious, why not just say you hate all Hispanics. Your ignorance of Spanish and Hispanic culture is clear. Not all Hispanics voted for Obama and not all Hispanic agree with Rubio or voted for the GOP. As a matter of fact, the majority of Hispanics who voted for Obama were of Puerto Rican Decent not Cuban Americans. Additionally, those who voted for Obama out of anger, did so due to the way the Tea Party labeled Hispanics as “Takers” You like many of my GOP friends also fail or recognize that Hispanics/Latinos (Cuban Americans), are fluid, independent thinkers and we don’t need any party to tell us what do to or what to choose. We don’t vote for Rubio or any one else because of their ethnicity or color, but of what they represent. I personally don’t like Rubio because he is all about appearance and no substance. I did not Vote during these elections. because if as a Nation this is the best we can do, then we deserve what get. None these guys ever served in the military, just like many of the elected officials in congress to include the current president and former ones. While they call themselves patriots, they are not willing to take a bullet for this country. Rubio has done nothing thus far except for being a poster child for the GOP. The GOP panders him so we Hispanics can become enamored with the chosen Latino. Not all of us Cuban Americans are stupid or as ignorant as you think.

  7. rupert says:

    That’s right, Sky. If you don’t take a bullet, you’re no American.
    While I agree with your opinion of Rubio, you have no clue what a patriot is. Fortunately, we don’t fight so many wars that we all have to see combat.

  8. Precious says:

    To: Sky Diver:My ignorance of spanish and hispanic culture is clear? Jeez? I wonder what my Cuban father and my own birth in Santiago de Cuba where I lived for many years before I ever came to my mother’s native land would have to say about it.
    Me thinks you are the ignorant one.

    And me not able to take a punch? It seems to me you all’s need to call people like me, who disagree with you on any level, crazy … reflects the fact that it is you guys who cannot take a punch.

    It is clear that it makes you feel good to call people crazy when you have not a valid rebuttal to make.

  9. Precious says:

    Oh, a patriot? It certainly is no one who kills people with drones. Who blindly supports a war (is it war?) which is immoral and illegal?

    No. A patriot stands up for truth no matter how many bullets he/she has to take.
    Yes. my take on a patriot is like that of Brigadier General Andrew Pickens.

    You can look him up in a google seart. And, after being credited with the victory of the cowpens in the continental army in a fight against the brittish, he was called a traitor when years later he advocated for the return of lands taken from native americans back to them.

    His moral stand and sense did not jive with those then in power. I suppose it is somewhat like that here.

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