This week’s Herald column: Charlie Crist or bust?

Cartoon from the Crowley Political Report

This week’s column tackles the political reality that some Florida Democrats would rather not face…

A clip:

Democrats are starting to clear the decks for Charlie Crist, the longtime Republican who became an Independent who became a Democrat. Crist, who skipped out on a second term as governor in order to mount an ill-fated run for the U.S. Senate, appears poised to try and get his old job back in 2014.

In his favor: a current occupant of the governor’s mansion who is singularly unpopular, and not just with Democrats. Rick Scott has angered his former allies in the tea party by bowing to his real friends in the hospital lobby and saying he’d be fine with taking that dirty Obamacare money to expand Medicaid.

Scott’s Medicaid gambit, which has already been rebuffed by the Republican-dominated Legislature, led the tea party’s most colorful has-been, former U.S. Rep./musketeer Allen West, to question his “backbone” and to declare the governor “vulnerable” for reelection; not that West is necessarily looking to “primary” him.

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4 Responses to This week’s Herald column: Charlie Crist or bust?

  1. rikyrah says:

    Charlie Crist is a human oil slick, but if I lived in Florida, I’d vote for him over Lex Luthor Scott

  2. This is the product that the Democratic Party would offer us. A republican.

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  4. Rupert says:

    I guess the idea is to win, Stephen. Charlie got kicked out of the Republican party for being reasonable, so that makes him “better than Rick;” it would be nice if the Democrats had a suitable alternative to test Crist in the primary. But there isn’t much in the bullpen.

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