The NRA 45 — Senators who voted to block gun reform


The NRA’s 45 minions named, with phone numbers, by Emily Hauser. Call them and tell them what you think of their filibuster.

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5 Responses to The NRA 45 — Senators who voted to block gun reform

  1. Dennis says:

    It’s time for these idiots to feel the full weight and power of the majority.

  2. Ronald Hurtado says:

    To all those who are Gutless and voted against “Common Sense” reform; I hope you see the Faces of all these Innocent Children in your small minds before you go to sleep, each and every night, for the rest of your selfish lives!

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  4. Russel Blake says:

    Its not just the cowardice of gang bangers in inner city streets who kill and maim innocent civilians using black market weaponry that saddens the mind. It’s not just the mental illness of those responsible for the massacres that kill and maim children in classrooms, students in colleges, movie theatre goers, house of prayer congregations or senators at public events that overwhelms the fragile balance of community.

    The real crime is when those who are politically entrusted to bring the curative sense of normalcy back to our communities through common sense actions, belittle the unity of community and diminish the value of the lives lost simply because of pro-gun lobby politics.

    Apparently my child and every other Americans child is not as valuable as their child. Because we all know that if their child was senselessly murdered, their votes would have been entirely different on this issue. Each one of them should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. James & Jean Hermsen says:

    We applaud the Senators who stood for their convictions and those of legal gun owners across America. Had all these new laws taken place, innocent people would still be dying. In most of these recent cases guns were acquired legally. Those that were not legal, were stolen. What would have changed?

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