This week’s Herald column: New America held hostage, by Old America

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They aren’t going to secede …

A clip from this week’s column:

There have been so many essays written dissecting the state of conservatism, the notion that it is in decline has become cliché. But decline doesn’t mean disappearance.

The political place where most conservatives live, the Republican Party, is overrun with the deeply unpopular Tea Party, whose obsession with slashing government programs has locked the country in an austerity clench, which only the well-to-do airline traveler is apparently allowed to escape, thanks to the various footmen and coachmen to the ruling class who inhabit the United States Congress.

Not so, the kid in Head Start, or the senior who relies on Meals on Wheels, or the chronically unemployed dad struggling to feed his kids without unemployment assistance or job prospects. They will suffer the sequester’s full wrath.

The expansion of Medicare under the Affordable Care Act is being blocked by a slew of Republican governors, mostly in the poorest states, in the American South, which means they will continue to lead the nation in such un-First-World-like vestiges as child poverty, while states like North Carolina are following Florida down the path of humiliation through drug testing for people forced to rely on public assistance.

When Republican-controlled state legislatures aren’t passing draconian laws punishing the poor, or attempting to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, even in the case of rape, they’re attacking voting rights — the better to prevent the targets of legislative cruelty from exacting revenge in the next election.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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One Response to This week’s Herald column: New America held hostage, by Old America

  1. Larry Boone says:

    Sad but true. A lot of folks won’t stand up and speak out against republican treason. So many Americans are complacent so long as their not the target of injustice

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