Chinese paper: Snowden took the Booz Allen job in order to leak


Greenwald pooh-poohed my, Andrew Sullivan’s and others’ queries (based on his tweets) as stupid conspiracy theories. Well, turns out they’re not…

From the same South China daily that broke the news of Snowden’s (former) whereabouts:

Edward Snowden secured a job with a US government contractor for one reason alone – to obtain evidence of Washington’s cyberspying networks, the South China Morning Post can reveal.

For the first time, Snowden has admitted he sought a position at Booz Allen Hamilton so he could collect proof about the US National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programmes ahead of planned leaks to the media.

“My position with Booz Allen Hamilton granted me access to lists of machines all over the world the NSA hacked,” he told the Post on June 12. “That is why I accepted that position about three months ago.”

During a live global online chat last week, Snowden also stated he took pay cuts “in the course of pursuing specific work”. He said: “Booz was not the most I’ve been paid.”

His admission comes as US officials voiced anger at Hong Kong, and indirectly Beijing, after the whistle-blower was allowed to leave the city on Sunday.

Snowden is understood to be heading for Ecuador to seek political asylum with the help of WikiLeaks, which claimed to have secured his safe passage to the South American country.

Snowden, who arrived in Hong Kong on May 20, first contacted documentary maker Laura Poitras in January, claiming to have information about the intelligence community. But it was several months later before Snowden met Poitras and two British reporters in the city.

He spent the time collecting a cache of classified documents as a computer systems administrator at Booz Allen Hamilton.

… Asked if he specifically went to Booz Allen Hamilton to gather evidence of surveillance, he replied: “Correct on Booz.”

This news comes on the same day U.S. intelligence sources report the Chinese government downloaded the entire contents of his laptops before letting him leave Hong Kong.

This is getting more problematic by the day…

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9 Responses to Chinese paper: Snowden took the Booz Allen job in order to leak

  1. bmull says:

    It’s a moronic conspiracy theory not because it’s entirely false, but because of the insinuation that there is anything improper about it. Where is it written that a whistleblower can’t switch jobs in order to get better access to information that supports his case? What you’re really looking for is proof that Greenwald advised Snowden as to what documents to take, but I’m not holding my breath. Snowden was in a far better position to know what was important than Greenwald was.

    • kfreed says:

      When you a take government position that requires a security clearance for the purpose of stealing state secrets, that qualifies. Premeditation/ulterior motive. He conspired to undermine the government, rather than serve it. Now that he’s handed those state secrets to the Chinese, he’s a criminal. Q. What do you suppose a security clearance is for?

  2. rupert says:

    Add fraud to the list of crimes committed by Snowden. Oh, I’m sorry, he’s a “whistleblower” so it’s okay.

  3. Mike says:

    what’s so fascinating to me is how easy it is these days to play the lefties for chumps with just a tiny nudge on the internet. We already knew it was easy to do this to the tea partiers, but it appears that the same syndrome of agreeing with something you want to hear is present in those whom you would think had better critical thinking skills. Can a website raising money for Edward Snowden’s defense” be far behind? Meanwhile, this is playing out like a Spy movie, with Snowden the hapless antihero who just got punked by someone he thought had a nobler calling. He’s staring in a mirror, tears streaming down his face, while the Chinese authorities laugh like maniacs while taking everything he holds dear, including his self respect.

  4. bmull says:

    This blog has gone downhill since the last time I was here. Now the commenters don’t even bother to make sense. I see “lefty” has become a pejorative term. Call me an idealist emoprog but I do have values beyond the election of Democrats. Good luck in the Big Blue Tent with NSA and the banksters.

  5. rupert says:

    But apparently bmull your values don’t include rule of law…. this time around.

  6. Joan says:

    It was enlightening to read Snowden’s comments on leakers in 2009 -
    I will clean it up a bit but he said they should be shot.

  7. Pelle Svanslos says:

    This news comes on the same day U.S. intelligence sources report the Chinese government downloaded the entire contents of his laptops before letting him leave Hong Kong.

    Here’s what the New Yorker actually said:

    Intelligence experts cited by the Times believed that the Chinese government “had managed to drain the contents of the four laptops that Mr. Snowden said he brought to Hong Kong, and that he said were with him during his stay at a Hong Kong hotel.”

    How did it go from “Intelligence experts believed x happened” to “US intel sources say x DID happen?

  8. Yo no estoy de acuerdo con lo aqui reflejado, pienso sinceramente que hay muchos elementos que no han podido ser considerados en cuenta. Pero valoro mucho vuestra exposicion, es un buen articulo.

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