How Superman is like a DREAMer

Man of Steel

Henry Cavill as Superman in “Man of Steel”

I was thinking today about the movie “Man of Steel,” which my fam and I saw on it’s opening weekend. The movie is part myth — God wars with Gods, God sends son to man, God finds man wanting, God redeems man… and all comic book fantasy. But it’s also kind of a metaphor for immigration reform. Ok stick with me, this is going someplace…

In the film, Kal-el (AKA Superman) is quite literally an alien, sent to America as an infant by his parents, clearly not of his own volition. He grows up American, but never entirely so because he’s not able to reveal to his countrymen where he was actually born. There are things about him that prevent him from fully participating in our society, though he excels and displays great potential. When his alien-ness is confirmed, the knee jerk reaction of Americans is to kick him out — send him home. But he really can’t go home, and in one scene, declares to an American military leader that he’s as American as it gets. Hell, he’s from Kansas! In the end, he and we are redeemed by letting him stay. And he gives back to his adopted home not just by good, well okay, extraordinary works … but with work itself. He gets a job, contributing to society and paying taxes and all that.

So Superman is not unlike the DREAM Act kids — exceptional young people willing to give back to the country they were brought to, not of their own volition — unable to fully participate in the only society they know because of their true origins, but ready and willing to give back to the country if they are fully known and accepted as Americans, with their work and their works.

OK, it’s kind of a stretch, but not that much of one. If you like Superman, you should be for immigration reform. Or something…

Also, Henry Cavill is English and he’s still Superman. And he’s gorgeous… So there’s that…

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One Response to How Superman is like a DREAMer

  1. Carolyn Green says:

    I like your way your way of thinking. Never would have imagined it that way. I always see the God part, but It works on many levels. In fact we are all like immigrants in this world. We were sent here by God. Those who are supposeed to embrace us work against us. We all have lessons to learn like tolerance, mercy, love, and my favorite grace. Looking for that world to come where poverty is non-exsistant. A world where the haves no longer decide what’s best for the have-nots. It would be a dream come true if we were all treated equally without regard to race or any preconceived idea but we’re slaves to our own misconceptions. We truly are living in a matrix of sorts. This dream can only be fully realized by a Theocracy. So as MHP says, “the struggle continues”. MLK’s, “I have a dream…”, yet in retrospect the battle is already won. The Dream will be fully realized only when Christ returns. So as Superman said, “The “S” stands for Hope”, but not only that, it stands for Savior. He will save us from sin and from ourselves.

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