This week’s Herald column: the slavery-abortion analogy


This week’s column was not fun to write. But I think it’s a point that has to be made.

A clip:

On Tuesday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee traveled to Texas, where the debate over an extremely restrictive — and more than likely unconstitutional — anti-abortion bill raged on this week. Huckabee came flanked by more than 3,000 anti-abortion protesters, and armed with a by now familiar message: Abortion is like slavery, and anti-abortion activists are the modern-day equivalent of abolitionists.

The analogy is meant to cast the anti-abortion movement in a positive, even heroic, light, by evoking the stark image of trafficked human beings, bound into the holds of slave ships, borne across the Atlantic, terrified and abused, and if they survived, sold like cattle in the stocks. It is the image of human objects at the mercy of their “masters” that anti-abortion activists hope to cement in the minds of Americans, whom they hope to inspire to demand the outlawing of abortion (and in many cases, contraception, too, which the most devout equate to human pesticide.)

It is historically anachronistic and offensive to just about every descendant of African slaves, who recognize that there should be a slavery equivalent to the “Reductio ad Hitlerum” principle, whereby trying to equate an opposing opinion with Hitler and the Nazis is a fundamental logical failure. In short, nothing is like the Holocaust, and nothing is akin to the 400 years of human enslavement practiced by Europeans and their American cousins.

In fact, if one were to draw an analogy between slavery and the abortion issue, it might not be the one Huckabee and friends have in mind.

Because what groups like the National Right to Life Committee and Americans United for Life, the model legislation factory writing the bills proliferating across the United States want, is to control the reproduction of other people. And therein lies the unintended analogy. …

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7 Responses to This week’s Herald column: the slavery-abortion analogy

  1. Terry Johnson says:

    Do they realize or even care how utterly offensive that so called analogy is? AZZHOLES.

    Thx for representing Joy (as usual).

  2. BlueTrooth says:

    Thank you, Joy, for sharing your perspective and affording me a better understanding of the insulting and offensive propaganda from the “No Choice” advocates. I do, however, disagree on one point. You offer an olive branch by assuming the No Choice advocates are sincere in their beliefs regarding “saving lives”. The only life they are sincerely interested in saving is their own. Ask any No Choice advocate and eventually it boils down to “God says so” or doing “God’s work” or whatever. In other words, they believe THEY will receive reward from their “God” for interfering in another of “God’s children’s” personal decision regarding their pregnancy. A decision that one would assume would be between the Mother and her “God”. I truly hope that some day the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” can provide the outrageously self-absorbed zealots with some solace, but I’m not holding my breath. Most telling of all is the latest emphasis on the propaganda that abortion is “murder”…from the same folks that praise assault weapons and cheer the death penalty. Yes, broad generalizations, but not an uncommon conflict of stated “morality”. Sincere? I say, sincerely selfish.

  3. Flo says:

    He calls himself an abolitionist while attempting to enslave women’s bodies? Not surprising, but ballsy nonetheless.

  4. DaveB says:

    I believe you are looking at this all wrong. There is not a war against women, there is a war against men. When was the last time A. Perry ever, I mean ever had something nice to say about men or a man. Every show it seems it is the war on women or war on blacks. She is so devisive. When is she or other members of the MSNBC team inclusive. Regards to abortion. I have 5 older sisters, my wife, her 4 sisters and my 28 yo daughter. They tell me that me that #1 by 3 months a women certainly knows if she is pregnant and time to make the decision to abort. That when women find out they are pregnant, most abort as soon as possible. Those that don’t struggle with the decision. #2 Abortion law was passed based on science of the day. #3 TX law was passed to help protect women from clinics like found in Philly. If the clinics don’t meet standards – would you want your daughter, sister, cousin or friend gong there?

  5. Joan says:

    My comment is not about abortion, I could write a whole lot about that.
    I was wondering why John McCain had shown a change of mind and praised Obama’s comments on race, in fact he seemed very supportive of the president.
    I was surprised to find (for those who do not know) that McCain’s son who he adores has a brand new wife, a lovely black girl, who I think is a captain in the military.
    Small step for mankind!!!

  6. It is hard to imagine what are the things that slavery could be able to do but it is a good thing that it has been abolished a long time ago. I guess the child labour and other kinds of slavery should be answered and resolved by the government. I am not pro-abortion because I still believe that every human being has the right to exist. Thanks for the interesting article.

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