This week’s Herald column: sorry Marco, Ted Cruz is the right’s new Hispanic darling


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio

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  1. Jerome Matthews says:

    $24 billion dollars is the price we’ve paid because of your inability to do your job. That’s how much this shutdown cost our country.

    And now we face yet another opportunity for you to cost Americans billions of dollars and the security of benefits we’ve earned.

    As the fight on the debt ceiling emerges, and as the battle for the budget begins, I want to make clear that I am going to hold you accountable to the middle class in America.

    I demand an end to job-destroying austerity—the repeal of sequester. I demand there be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits, period. And I demand an end to the $600 billion in tax breaks we are going to give companies for going offshore over the next ten years. That’s real money that can fund the investments we need to make to rebuild America’s competitiveness and put our people back to work

    My family and I need you to focus on policies that actually help working people, not punish us further. We’ve already been punished to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, and we need you to stand strong against taking away the benefits we’ve worked hard for, benefits that we’ve earned with our work.

    Jerome Matthews

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