Obama calls congress’ bluff on Syria

Barack Obama may have finally reached his limits with Congress.

President Obama says he will ask for congressional authorization to strike Syria.

So both liberal and conservative libertarians who have essentially labeled the president a virtual tyrant for moving so forcefully toward action will now have to get on record.

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7 Responses to Obama calls congress’ bluff on Syria

  1. Flo says:

    Caught me by surprise, but apparently they have thought about doing this for a while. Did the members of Congress really want to have to go on record with a vote?? Can any tea party GOP congressmen support the President? Maybe Boehner will find a way to support the authorization without a recorded vote.

  2. majii says:

    Boehner’s response to the president shows that he doesn’t want a debate on Syria. One can’t say on the one hand that what is happening in Syria is a serious matter, and on the other hand say that they won’t be returning to D.C. to debate the way forward on this intervention. It’s obvious to me that Boehner doesn’t think the situation in Syria is that pressing because he has said that a debate will not come until “after September 9.” This appears to me to be an attempt by the republicans to avoid doing what they asked President Obama to do–get the approval of Congress. This is exactly what I expected republicans to do, make a lot of fuss, demand they be included in the decision-making about Syria, and then when they ball’s in their court, fail to act on what they said that they wanted.

  3. bmull says:

    A no vote is an easy call for libertarians of any stripe. It’s Dem party hacks from places like San Francisco who are going to find this an awkward vote. But politics aside the President did the right thing here and I applaud that.

  4. Rupert says:

    Interesting that so many liberals, the great humanitarians who are always pointing out war crimes, don’t care to do anything about Assad gassing his people. So Pelosi and Reid (Harry) will have to coax enough votes; and Boner will have to fight off attempts to attach a “defund Obamacare” amendment to the resolution. Since international support is so lame right now, Obama made a smart move.

    • bmull says:

      Have you seen evidence that Assad himself ordered the gassing of innocent civilians? As opposed to a much more logical false flag attack? Even if for some reason he did how does a unilateral US attack, which is just as illegal under international law, help anything?

  5. Rupert says:

    Really? You’re going to play the “I don’t trust the evidence” game? Good way to avoid the issue. Let the Congress review the evidence, which I don’t think is available to me. I don’t care if Assad personally launched the gas, his regime did. Is he not responsible? I guess doing nothing is a great deterrant isn’t it?

  6. Joan says:

    Retired General Clarke was just on ‘The Ed Show’ he gave the president enormous praise and knew immediately was Obama’s tactic was, in short come in with a huge
    threat of force and that was the one thing that would bring the others to the negotiating table, he said it was important that those in congress stand behind the president (that’s the bit that worries me) The republicans whined about the right to hold a vote and now they are dithering and saying they wonder why they are expected to vote!

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