I’m with Chait

… in this dustup with Douthat. And Sully nails it once again:

I’m waiting for Ross to unload on the GOP, which he should, given the rationale of his post. But he appears to be rhetorically lying low – the position “reasonable” Republicans have taken as their party has become more and more galvanized by the crazy. In my view, the cowardice of Republican elites and Republican moderates is at least a big a problem as the fanaticism of the Republican base.


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3 Responses to I’m with Chait

  1. Rupert says:

    Unfortunately, Sully’s paywall gets in the way; but Chait is certainly correct to note that what Douthat calls “negotiating” is actually “extortion.” And what people in Washington don’t ever seem to get, is that people outside of Washington are sick of these games.

  2. red oak says:

    Chait paraphrasing Speaker Boner: “It’s hypocritical that YOU accuse ME of hostage-taking when YOU’RE the one demanding I surrender by dropping the gun.”

  3. Barbara Edwin says:

    Why aren’t people in the streets – where’s the anger -where is the support for the country -for the President? The President is waiting for the people to demonstrate their support of his position of “non-negotiating with blackmailers”.
    Where are the signs, why aren’t there neighborhood marches – where are the leaders??

    All of the above is absent and that’s why Republican leadership is absolutely stronger and able to hold a gun to the nation’s head! Our inaction is the reason why they can lie, steal and sabotage the legacy of the US constitution and President Barack Obama.

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