Rest in peace, Madiba


Here’s the story to go with that New Yorker cover.

Very proud to say I was there when Mandela came to New York City in 1990. It was the summer before my final year in college. I really can’t say I saw him, because I was so far back, he was a grey-haired dot. But I surely HEARD him, and yelled “Amandla!” with the huge crowd in NYC. He actually was freed on what would have been my mother’s birthday, February 11, 1990. What a great, honorable man, who was very poorly treated for much of his life, not just by the Afrikaners in his own country, but by the U.S. government.

Lots of good stuff at theGrio about Mandela’s legacy in South Africa, and for Black Americans.

Old enough to remember this? Special AKA back in the 80s, featuring Elvis Costello.

Here’s Mandela’s speech upon release from prison:

TIME coverage, including a Maya Angelou tribute.


The Guardian lays out his top five contributions to the world.

And the Wapo reprints his most important speech in its entirety.

You knew someone had to embarrass us. Thanks, Ted Cruz’s followers!

Still, hatred of Mandela by American conservatives is nothing new.

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  1. Flo says:

    R.I.P. Mandela.

    Thanks, Joy, for the links. Good stuff.

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