Thank you, conservatives, for saving us from subversive things

Black Santa

This secular progressive madness HAS TO STOP. It’s upsetting the kids who watch Fox News with their families…

Black Santa is just the beginning, people. Secular progressive humanist Obummer Marxists are ruining everything, with their “diversity” and their “inclusion…”

Like Spongebob. Totally, completely gay. And if you don’t watch out, that little sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea will make YOU gay, too!


Look, see? He already got to Dumbledore! Even a wizard’s magic couldn’t stop it!


I weep for you, Galdalf … and are you still Galdalf the White? Because I need to know WHAT TO TELL MY KIDS….

Galdalf the White

Stay with us, Gandalf. Don’t let them turn you into a penguin like that mean lady tried to do to Santa…

And then, of course, there’s Tinky Winky. What kind of MONSTER creates a boy fairy tale creature with a purse? (Tinky Winky IS a boy, right…? And also WHAT IS HE IN GENERAL AND WHY IS THERE A TELEVISION IN HIS STOMACH!!????)

Tinky Winky

Thank God (who is also white) the late Jerry Falwell hipped us to that noise.

Next thing you know the secular progressives won’t be satisfied with cartoon creatures. They’ll start messing with RELIGION. Like trying to have a Black JESUS!

Black Jesus by Ronell Nealy

Black Jesus by Ronell Nealy Tru Art Media. Picture from

Damn you, artist Ronell Nealy!

See once you go down that road, kids start believing ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE could be black!

Black Sherlock Homes

That is NOT what Sherlock Holmes is supposed to look like…


Romeo and Juliet

Broadway: the literal headquarters of secular progressivism!

President Obama


Wait a minute, that’s not what I meant AT ALL … change that picture at once! …

Herman Cain

Now THIS kind of black president is totally acceptable to Real Americans…

Much better.

Now. Like I was saying, kids’ll start thinking ANYONE could be black, or a woman, or even gay!

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

You’re gonna want to stop looking at me like that, Leonarado. I don’t like it and you look way too much like Dumbledore for my comfort.

It’s enough to start messing with your mind…

Black Santa again

And that’s just what Black Santa wants. He wants control of your mind…

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One Response to Thank you, conservatives, for saving us from subversive things

  1. Anomaly100 says:

    Laughing! I like the Sherlock Holmes.

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