Countdown: 9 Days to Go

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  1. John C Wallace says:

    I have been trying to interest anybody/everybody in 2015 Year of the Child. It would be a national initiative to draw attention to the growing perils all the children face in America.

    there are inherent promises in: The declaration of Independence, The Pledge of ALLEGIANCE, The golden Rule, The Ten Commandants that our society has no intention of implementing to nurture, protect all young people.

    America has spent billions on discovering if there was ever any life on Mars, all the while ignoring the lives of America’s children.

    I have emailed Melissa Harris-Perry on this subject but I have not received a return.

    In Our African Selves,

    John C. Wallace, Sr. (aka Olatashiyu, The Unifier)

  2. Joy Akens says:

    Congratulations on your new show. It’s about time. I’VE set my receiver. Best of luck to
    You. I’ll be watching.

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