Counting down to the new show on MSNBC weekdays at 2 p.m. starting Feb. 24th!


Hey there, tweeps! Counting down to the new 2 p.m. show on the 24th, hosted by your humble blogger! Last call for show name ideas! (Okay it’s the first call, too)…

Post or tweet your show name and #hashtag ideas and get ready for the big reveal this week! More info TBD…

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10 Responses to Counting down to the new show on MSNBC weekdays at 2 p.m. starting Feb. 24th!

  1. Peter Bafkas says:

    I think a good name will be “The Reid Report with Joy Reid”

  2. Windy Bruce says:

    #transparent w/joyreid

    #REGULATE w/JoyReid

    #OnTopic with Joy Reid

  3. Wayne Huggins says:

    The show name s/b: Washington Viewpoints with Joy Reid

  4. Flo says:

    Joy to the World.

  5. Ann Larter says:

    Hi Joy:
    I think your show name should be “THE NEWS FEED WITH JOY REID”

  6. Gail Elkins says:

    Can hardly wait for your show! How do you like “Reid Between the Lines”?

  7. Gail Elkins says:

    Another idea – “iReid”. Good luck Joy!

  8. Denis Griffith says:

    We’ll done.

  9. Alicia Rendon says:

    Can’t wait for Joy’s show. Don’t want to miss it. Now is it 2:00 est or 2:00 pst?

  10. B L Francis says:


    I have long loved your commentary and the depth of your opinions; look forward to your show. You are my HERO. God go with you!!!

    B L Francis

    P.S. Don’t hold back; world needs your point of view.

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