The Reid Report Show Countdown

TRR_Look 2


10 days and counting until the Reid Report show goes on air!

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One Response to The Reid Report Show Countdown

  1. Fancae Wright-Cook says:

    Hi Joy – I’m a fan! I purposely look for your commnts on all the MSNBC shows but I especially like your interactions with Chirs Matthews ( who seems to really like & respect you). YOU are very, very informed and thought provoking- I like that!! I love listening to you and your perspectives . I’m gona tune in to your show -I have a sugestion. MSNBC keeps us very informed of what’s happening in politics, BUT-they never give us direction on what to do – of ow to answer the call – of who to call- how to actually do something and get involved to foster change. Please give us that “Here’s what you can do NOW” step in your show format. God bless- break a leg!

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