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**UPDATED: (Video) ICYMI: Herman Cain’s ‘smoking ad’

It’s weird … and it’s viral. Let the parodies begin!

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(Video) Rick Perry’s new anti-Romney ad is … well … actually quite good

Rick Perry hits Mitt Romney on “Romneycare”, on flip-floppery, and on being a rich guy who “can’t buy back his past.” For a campaign that can’t shoot straight, this is actually some effective politicking by Team Perry.

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Scott Brown’s long year begins; new ad depicts him as GOP ‘bobblehead’

For Scott Brown, the wedding was lovely; the media honeymoon breathless … but the marriage is a whole ‘nother thing.

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(Video) Turn Right USA launches the most racist, sexist political attack ad, EVER

Think you’ve seen it all in politics? Sure, there was the “demon sheep,” and the “gather your muskets” tea party guy, but there were small change compared to the latest web offering from a PAC calling itself Turn Right USA … Continue reading

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DNC video hits ‘Multiple Choice Mitt’

The latest video from the DNC hits Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney where it hurts: in the flip-flop:

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(Audio flashback) Herman Cain: voice of the ‘don’t snuff my seed,’ ‘ho’ ad

I wish this was a joke. It is NOT a joke. Watch: Now let me reiterate: this is NOT a joke …

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Summer job alert!

If you or someone you know needs to earn some extra money this summer, or just some money at all, here’s a tip from the in-box, via the office of Florida State Rep. Cynthia Stafford:

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Panic at the disco: Erickson, Human Events launch ‘urgent appeal’ for younger voters

At least they’re not saying they plan to apply right wing principles to “urban-surburban hip-hop settings.” But Human Events, which is your grandfather’s winger mag, is preparing to launch an all-out push to get fresh for the kids.

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No more Mr. Nice Democrat: PAC running radio ads vs vulnerable GOP freshmen, Dems pushing tax hikes on the rich

About 20 minutes ago, driving, I heard the first spot so far from the new PAC aiming its fire at vulnerable Republican freshmen who voted to voucherize Medicare. It was against Florida Rep. Allen West, and it was running on … Continue reading

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Come on, people: Colt 45 ‘Blast’ brings back the malt liquor minstrel show … for the kids

I thought Snoop Dog, who from “Deep Cover” ’til about the early 2000s was one of the most consequential rappers in the business, had reached rock bottom when he did a music video with the bubblegum pop cable put-together group … Continue reading

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