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Lies, damned lies, and

Apparently, someone appropriately labeled “in the tank” did not enjoy my recent post about Allen West (who I reiterate, is insane…) And so they posted this lengthy rebuttal, in which your humble blogger was referred to as “cheeky.” How “barmy” … Continue reading

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Not for nothing, but the media bought Breitbart’s snake oil, too

The Shirley Sherrod fiasco has made the White House and the NAACP look foolish, and forced the Obama administration to waste two whole news days when they should have been leading the cheering section for finreg and unemployment insurance. But … Continue reading

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Holy traffic spike! (AKA sorry for the interruption)

Filed under “good problems to have…” Over the last several days, traffic to the Reid Report has spiked about 4,000 percent. The bad news is, the sudden traffic jolt overwhelmed the modest account I have with my host, and they … Continue reading

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Full list of Florida Netroots Award winners

Congratulations to all who won, thanks to all who voted, including those of you who helped make The Reid Report this year’s winner for “Best National Blog,” and special shout-outs to my “blog sense,” Peter Schorsch, who took home five … Continue reading

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The Reid Report wins ‘Best National Blog’ at Florida Netroots Awards

The results of the 2010 Florida Netroots Awards are in, and The Reid Report has come up a winner for best national blog. Thanks to all who voted, and thanks for Supporting the Report! Full list of winners here.

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Netroots Awards run-offs: vote now!

Blog Sense (Saint Petersblog) along with Steve Schale, Progress Florida and other fine folks are headed for run-offs in the Netroots Awards. Vote your favorites through right about here.

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And they’re off! Netroots Award voting is now open

Go get ‘em, tigers! And thanks to anyone who nominated The Reid Report. The report is nominated in four categories: best national blog, best local, best use of social media and best writing. I’m competing with blog sensei Peter Schorsch … Continue reading

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You be the judge: this “dude” says he’s not a racist

After linking in this post to a fellow calling himself “Angry White Dude,” whose blog is dedicated to the “defense of the most ridiculed and unappreciated being on the planet…THE WHITE MALE” (his subhead), Mr. “Dude” apparently took exception to … Continue reading

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(Video) Complete Helen Thomas ‘gotcha’ interview

Video blogger Rabbi David Nesenoff responds to requests that he release the whole thing. Here it is: Helen Thomas Interview on Israel @ Yahoo! Video

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Helen Thomas ‘gotcha’ guy has his own ‘issues’

Uh-oh … Mediaite unearths video of Helen Thomas taker-downer Rabbi David Nesenoff, a popular video blogger, making fun of Mexicans/a> …

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