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Watch: Bill Maher’s epic takedown of Ryan/Rand-style Libertarianism

… Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, “intellectually stuck in their teen years,” quoting from a poorly-written book “that’s never been read all the way through by anyone with a girlfriend…” Genius.

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The age of unreality: Paul Ryan edition

You really have to hear these interviews to believe them. Paul Ryan, the Republican VP nominee, actually tried to tell Norah O’Donnell of Face the Nation that while he voted for the sequestration bill that includes both CURRENT and potential … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: who controls the GOP?

I talked about this subject Wednesday on the “Martin Bashir Show” and on “The Last Word” last night. But it bears repeating: the Republican Party’s political operatives, and its media hacks (think Rush, Hannity, Coulter…) have been rolling the conservative … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews explains Paul Ryan on ‘Morning Joe’

I don’t think it gets any plainer than the way Matthews explained Ryan’s philosophy this morning on “Morning Joe.” In short: Paul Ryan is an Ayn Randian who believes you incentivize rich people by giving them more money, and you … Continue reading

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Ticketus Upsidedownus (or, Erick Erickson’s still worried about Mitt)

Today on MSNBC’s Weekends with Alex Witt, I said the Paul Ryan pick is helpful to Mitt Romney’s campaign in the short term, but a net negative in the long term (if you can call 80-plus days long term). Here’s … Continue reading

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Is the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin scrubbing their Ryan hit page?

This is what you get right now, when you try to pull up the Libertarian-leaning Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin’s website, which formerly had a post entitled “Does Paul Ryan’s Record Match His Rhetoric?” (

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That was quick: OFA already out with Romney-Ryan-Medicare ad

Also …

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Oops … Mitt Romney introduces Paul Ryan as ‘next president of the United States…’

… in 2016, perhaps?

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Remember that time Newt Gingrich called Ryan’s Medicare plan ‘right wing social engineering?’

Good times …

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Ryan Lizza’s prescient Paul Ryan article

In hindsight, it seems elementary that Paul Ryan would capture the Republican presidential ticket. He’s already captured the party.

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