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This week’s Herald column: Charlie Crist or bust?

Cartoon from the Crowley Political Report This week’s column tackles the political reality that some Florida Democrats would rather not face…

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On ‘racial entitlements’

The Supreme Court’s most colorful associate justice, Antonin Scalia, raised eyebrows recently with his soliloquy on “racial entitlements,” his terminology for the protections conferred by such antiquities as the Voting Rights Act (from less than 50 years ago).

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No freaking out about that Florida presidential poll

I know it’s tempting. But some perspective, please, when it comes to the poll showing the presidential race deadlocked in Florida.

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This week’s Herald column: the cruel myth of ‘voter fraud’

To understand the cruel calculus of voter ID laws, voter purges and other election law mutations one political party has turned into an obsession (second only to their fever for passing laws designed to corner women into giving birth) you … Continue reading

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Measuring the drapes: Ann and Mitt Romney say, ‘it’s our turn’

Normally, it’s not a good thing to appear too entitled, when running for president. Normally.

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UPDATED: The Herman Cain media background check begins (and it’s beginning to look a lot like Clarence)

A few months ago, Herman Cain told the conservative media his wife Gloria would not be the typical campaign wife, out on the trail supporting her man. Well Gloria, something tells me you’re going to be getting media calls soon.

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Rick Perry hits the reset button on Fox News

Perry’s Sunday interview with Chris Wallace can be summarized as follows: “yeah, rich people will get more money under my tax plan, but I reject class warfare, and plus, they’re the job creators. Can we get to drillin’ now?” Watch: … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: Florida mucks up the primaries

Florida always manages to throw a wrench into presidential politics, and this year is no different.

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Perry suppoters LIKE that he hates science, and other strange stuff from the Bloomberg poll

The tea party is a strange, angry little rump of the Republican Party that nonetheless, holds the whip hand over the GOP at the moment, at least electorally. (Wall Street holds the whip in actuality.) So the latest Bloomberg poll … Continue reading

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**UPDATE: Dems lose the Weiner seat (with a bit of Weiner ‘race history’ thrown in…)

When Anthony Weiner flashed his BVDs on Twitter, he set in motion a chain of events that almost certainly had to end the way it did on Tuesday, with the loss of his seat to Republicans. But not for the … Continue reading

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