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How Superman is like a DREAMer

Superman is kind of a metaphor for immigration reform… Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: Jeb makes his move on Rubio

Aside from the rumors of Jeb’s eye-rolling response to Time’s Rubio Jesus “savior” cover, I spied signs that Jeb has had enough of watching his protege bask in the 2016 preview glow. His book drop was awkward, to be sure, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court scary: the radicalism of Antonin Scalia

While it should have become clear to most Americans by now that five of the justices of the United States Supreme Court are dyed in the wool advocates of plutocracy. What is not as often reported is the inherent radicalism … Continue reading

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Ask a simple question …

Mitt Romney simply cannot answer the question of whether he’d reverse President Obama’s landmark executive order on immigration, because he has no position on the issue. Not until the conservative base he is terrified of clears one for him. Steve … Continue reading

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Unforced error: will Gingrich regret his debate answer on immigration?

There’s a kind of unwritten rule in the current Republican politics. Saying poor children should be made to clean their schools like the little urchins in Oliver Twist is fine. Saying the country should take a compassionate stance toward some … Continue reading

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Uh oh… more discrepancies in Rubio’s exile story

This, as they say, is not good.

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Up for debate: could Obama ‘pull a Bush’ on debt ceiling, DREAM Act?

It’s a common meme among the “professional left” that President Obama is just like George W. Bush when it comes to economic and foreign policy. But could that meme, if true, be helpful to the president on two key issues?

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Warning sign? Haridopolos gets no love at tea party event

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos is hoping to have the tea party movement on his side as he runs for the U.S. Senate. But a failed immigration bill may be dragging him down.

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Things fall apart: FL tea party feeling ignored on immigration

Sure, the right wing Republican Florida legislature did the tea party’s bidding by giving away the state’s high speed rail money. And they’re getting busy gutting public education, forcing teachers into the unemployment line, privatizing Medicaid, drug testing hated public … Continue reading

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FL Republican Senator on Arizona-style immigration bill: who will pick my blueberries?

Florida Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander wants to get an Arizona-style immigration bill passed this session. Rick Scott campaigned on it. The tea party is demanding it, and J.D. is nothing if not accommodating.  But since the Senator is also … Continue reading

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