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Rick Santorum’s crusade: soft Protestants, birth control, abortion, working women and prenatal testing – all bad

Rick Santorum is running for president, but not so much as he as running a crusade to impose what he thinks is America’s original and proper religious standard on America (I’m thinking he means the America of the Puritan colonies … Continue reading

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This is not how you stage a hearing on contraception

… If you ever want to win the votes of women, or modern men, for that matter.

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Sorry, Beltway, Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius won the birth control wars

I know the conventional wisdom is that President Obama got caught flat footed on the contraceptives rule change (see here and here for the discussion we had on that subject on “Now with Alex Wagner” on Friday). But in the … Continue reading

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Conservatives, women and the ideological division of respect

Conservatives have an … interesting relationship with women, which depends entirely on the ideology of the woman in question.

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