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Colin Powell chin checks the GOP: ‘dark vein of intolerance’ for minorities

Ouch, and double ouch … More here.

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Mitt Romney campaigns in the ‘white space’

A genius column by Tom Scocca (who by the way, is white.) Just thought I’d mention that.

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Derbyshire unplugged (and also fired): full text of the most racist article you’ll ever read

National Review has fired columnist John Derbyshire over his racist rant in Taki’s blog (run by Taki Theodoracopulos, a co-founder of American Conservative Magazine). The link is behaving strangely, probably because of the traffic to it. But below is the … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: Trayvon Martin and the fears of black mothers

I’m in Sanford covering the Trayvon Martin case for theGrio. Quite an experience. I also wrote about the tragic cad for my column this week.

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The right’s new goal: Bring Back Jeremiah Wright!

Disappointed that Sarah Palin wasn’t fully unleashed in 2008, to go all in on President Obama’s ties to scary black and terroristic people, and apparently out of ideas (and all but giving up on finding a presidential candidate they like) … Continue reading

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(Video) Why does the GOP keeps bringing up black people?

From The Ed Show on Friday, featuring your humble editor and Ari Melber of The Nation, talking Republicans and race: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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ICYMI: Angry Black Lady takes down a middle aged white guy (who is not a poor black kid)

… who wrote a really dumb article.

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Herman Cain’s Waterloo?

His latest accuser is white, conservative, and public: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy UPDATE: Oh for chrissakes, there’s a FIFTH???

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(This week’s Herald column and a new web ad) Cain and supporters dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck?

A group tied to a GOP firm that allegedly took Sharron Angle and other longshot candidates for a ride in 2010, is up with a new ad (above) … along with a million phonecall march in Iowa, on behalf of … Continue reading

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5 Questions on ‘n—erheadgate’ (or if you prefer, ‘Ranchgate’)

It takes a lot to shock this cynical political junkie, but I’ve got to admit, I was floored by “N–gerhead.” If you’ve been too busy watching football this weekend to pay attention, that’s the name of the ranch Texas Gov. … Continue reading

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