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Steve Jobs, Apple’s genius co-founder, dead at 56

Not many people can say at the end of their lives, that they changed the world. Steve Jobs changed the world.

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Hackers tweet fake ‘Obama assassination’ headline from Fox News account

Fox News is targeted by an apparently new hacker group, which commandeers a Fox Twitter account to tweet a disturbing, fake headline.

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Florida Dems online: The ‘Bill Nelson Party’ **UPDATED**

The Florida Democratic Party finally has a new website (and welcome to the 21st Century, by the way…) But TRR notice something missing from the visuals and message … can you guess what that is?

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Anonymous releases Bank of America emails

The hacker group known only as Anonymous made good on a threat to release emails it says implicate Bank of America in improperly foreclosing on mortgages. But it’s not yet clear if they’ve got the goods.

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**UPDATED** The war over Wikileaks: Manning facing 22 additional counts

The Army private accused of sharing classified information with Wikileaks is facing a raft of new charges, upping the government’s ante in the case. Is this where the government’s focus shifts away from prosecuting Julian Assange, and squarely onto Bradley … Continue reading

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Anonymous 2, Chamber 0: HBGary CEO steps down … Koch Bros next targets

On the heels of a successful attack on the right wing corporate group Americans for Prosperity, the hacker group known only as Anonymous claimed its first victim Tuesday: the head of a firm accused of proposing a hit job on … Continue reading

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CORRECTED: The Wikiwars: What is Glenn Greenwald after, and must Wired help him find it?

CORRECTED: The post has been corrected to fix an error in the original post, which incorrectly substituted Poulsen for Lamo on the question of mental health/Asperger claims. Thanks to vigilant TRR readers for pointing out the error. Foreign Policy’s Blake Hounshell … Continue reading

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Deal with the devil? Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch … and horror for Apple fans

Lots of Twitter buzz this weekend over an apparent deal between Steve Jobs, whose Apple products are the obsession with blue staters everywhere, and the Prince of Cable Darkness, Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox “News” dominates the cable news ratings, and … Continue reading

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