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Counting down to the new show on MSNBC weekdays at 2 p.m. starting Feb. 24th!

Hey there, tweeps! Counting down to the new 2 p.m. show on the 24th, hosted by your humble blogger! Last call for show name ideas! (Okay it’s the first call, too)… Post or tweet your show name and #hashtag ideas … Continue reading

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Video: Krystal Ball and Joy on ‘Martin Bashir’, talking Rush ‘the woman hater’ Limbaugh

As you watch this, recall that at no time has Sandra Fluke discussed her sexual habits. She testified before Congress about a friend who had an ovarian condition that required the pill — for non-sexual reasons. That said, who cares … Continue reading

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(Video) Is Michelle Obama an ‘angry black woman’?

Also from the Ed Show last night: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And by the way …

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(Video) The clip that sparked a Rush Limbaugh ‘dichotomy’ rant

Now, let’s stipulate that Rush Limbaugh is a vain and touchy fellow. He must have a team of minions whose job is to search for any and all mentions of him in the media, so he can hold forth and … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: Lawrence O’Donnell’s epic S&P takedown

Yes, S&P, most Americans (who aren’t giddy over what they see as a knock on President Obama) think you’re a bunch of jerks. And no one expresses why, better than Lawrence O’Donnell, who refers to the two men who run … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: The ‘Last Word’ Condi Rice interview

I’m not sure what’s more amazing about this interview; former Bush National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s crumbling decorum and seeming imperviousness to any fact that exists after March of 2003, or the fact that clips of … Continue reading

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(Video) Stop making sense! Chris Matthews: Limbaugh, Beck crowd have an ‘ethnic disdain’ for the Obamas

Chris Matthews breaks it down. There’s something different in the level of vitriol directed at the first family by their haters on the right. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Best Matthews line on … Continue reading

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(Video) ‘Merchant of death’ … Lawrence O’Donnell’s epic NRA takedown

If you missed “The Last Word” on MSNBC on Friday, you missed NRA chief Wayne LaPierre’s utter undoing at the hands of host Lawrence O’Donnell, over LaPierre’s giddy support for high capacity assault weapon magazines. Here’s Lawrence’s “rewrite” in its … Continue reading

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(Video) Chris Matthews’ epic Bachmann-Tea Party takedown

Words like “balloon-head” don’t get spoken often in cable news. But then again, there’s never been anything (okay, besides Sarah Palin…) like Michele Bachmann. The Congresswoman was “given the business” by Chris Matthews for an entire, hilarious, segment on Hardball … Continue reading

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(Video) Olbermann’s comeback mixes comedy, thanks

Well played, Mr. Olbermann … well played …

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