Unfortunately, due to the persistence of certain right wingers who insisted on using the contact form to harass me daily with right wing story links which I stated quite clearly I have no interest in receiving, and because such persons did not listen to my requests to cease and desist (rest assured, you have been reported to your email providers), I am disabling comments on this page. If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to try tweeting me.

Apologies to those who have used this page to send such kind messages and support. I really appreciate it. BTW, all comments are moderated, so if you are one of those right wingers who feels the need to “educate” me with garbage conservative blog “news” please be advised that all comments on this page are moderated. And yours will be marked as spam, which could result in your web host closing your account. Better idea: get a life, and email Sean Hannity or World Net Daily’s latest bloviations to your own friends.

Have a great day!

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Joe Lavery says:

    Phila Inquirer w/ an ‘I’

  2. Larry says:

    Hey dude, I don’t know enough about Lindsay Graham to defend his character (like you don’t know Sotomayor’s), but what she said was wrong. I am a cracker but not an Anglo. I’m Celtic Iberian (Black Irish) and my people have been persecuted longer than anybody on a consistent basis by the Roman-Anglos. They still have an apartheid in Ireland but nobody is having a concert or protest for that! Check your history my friend, we’ve had it since 400 B.C. – CONSISTENTLY! My fiance is black and she is honest enough to admit that wrong is wrong. I wish folks would stop worrying who said something, and start focusing on what was said. If Limbaugh does it he is wrong. So was Sotomayor. I hope she gets confirmed (I’m sure she will), but even good people make mistakes and the first step towards reconciliation is confessing one’s sins. Only then can we forgive each other and work together. Are there still thousands, maybe millions of racist whites? Of course. But the solution is not to have millions more racist Hispanics or African-Americans or Celts as it were. People used to trip when my white butt would rail against Anglo ways. Now I channel that energy into going after the issues rather than the person. I call on you to do the same without the slights. Take it how you will. God Bless and Siochan Leat. (please look that term up because it comes from my outlawed native tongue, which no publicly funded school in the U.S. teaches, unlike Spanish, Arabic, and Swahili)

  3. jreid says:

    @ Larry
    Thanks “dude” :) and congrats on your engagement.

  4. mary moore says:

    Re your post to the effect that “Nixon would have aborted Obama” because he was bi-racial. You ignore the elephant in the room. Margaret Sanger, revered Founder of Planned Parenthood, believed the entire black population should be aborted and aggressively pursued a plan to accomplish same–a plan which is, unfortunately, still in motion. She embraced eugenics, and advised the Nazis. Show some courage, friend. Ms. Sanger would be WAY more interesting to discuss than Nixon on this subject.