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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Carly Fiorina exile watch
Can somebody call and check on Carly? I'm thinking no one in the McCain campaign is returning her desperate phonecalls, and it's not like her old friends at H-P want to talk to her either ... you know, what with all the firing and the forcing out and all...


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Carly Fiorina: Sarah couldn't run a company
Carly Fiorina proved again today why she isn't the woman standing next to John McCain on the stump: she has a truth tic. This time, it's not about Viagra. This time, she slips a little nugget into her Palin support schtick, saying Sarah couldn't run HP:

Not that the shareholders thought Carly was fit to run the company either, but... it probably wasn't "on message."

By the way, you're gonna love the Fiorina fix: she "corrects" herself by saying hey, John McCain isn't qualified to run a major corporation either! Crikey!

Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor, take it away:
"If John McCain’s top economic advisor doesn’t think he can run a corporation, how on Earth can he run the largest economy in the world in the midst of a financial crisis? Apparently even the people who run his campaign agree that the economy is an issue John McCain doesn’t understand as well as he should."

If Team Obama is smart, the economic meltdown of the United States, and John McCain's clear lack of understanding of it, will become the cudgel they beat Grandpa over the head with from now until election day.


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Monday, July 14, 2008
Hurricane Carly
The Carly Fiorina for veep train continues to careen off the tracks. First, she corners her man on Viagara vs. birth control funding, leading to this most uncomfortable campaign moment that begged the question, as the Telegraph's Toby Harnden put it (courtesy of RCP) whether "McCain is old, out of touch and has been in Washington so long that he can't even remember what he's done there." ... Now, she suggests that John McCain could very well raise taxes on the rich. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but is this any way to get on the Republican ticket? You start to see why HP showed this lady the door...

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Monday, May 12, 2008
The Fiorina float?
John McCain has spent today angering the GOP base by getting all hopped up about global warming (psst! You know why he likes the issue? Because it's scaaaary... John McCain loves scaaaary...) Never mind that he missed every relevant vote on environmental issues this year and his legislative record on the environment reads more like a job application to Texaco. But McCain's other triangulation could be the one yet to come, when he chooses his vice presidential running mate.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of a certain fired computer executive acting as a McCain surrogate on the TV, and it makes me wonder, could McCain float Carly Fiorina, the 54-year-old former Hewlett Packard president, as his running mate? It would certainly be e clever gambit to snatch the Hillbots away, before they get the chance to get used to Barack Obama. And Fiorina, in addition to being a southerner (from Texas and North Carolina) who lets him play the white woman card, could shore up McCain's shoddy credentials on the economy, providing him with the requisite "person who has run a business," without forcing him to pretend he can stand Mitt Romney. Plus, Fiorina gives him a woman that could help his lack of love from Wall Street, while providing him, and his decrepit Old White Guy party with diversity that isn't tied to the Bush administration's legion of failures (sorry, Condi.)

On the downside, Fiorina was ultimately a flop at HP, presiding over the failed merger with Compaq and riding the share price down to the point where her board cried uncle ... er ... auntie. And she did say once, that "There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore. We have to compete for jobs as a nation," which won't look good in a campaign ad (she said it in 2004, about a year before she found out that there was no CEO job at HP that was her God-given right...) And she was an aggressive proponent of outsourcing American jobs, which she cleverly labeled "rightsourcing." She did live in Califnornia when she was running HP, but that doesn't mean the people there like her much. (See 7,000 jobs, above.)

It's a thought, and one Team Obama should take seriously.

Meanwhile, the HuffPo has a good laundry list of possible Obama picks. I'd bump Chuck Hagel up on the list. If I could wave a magic wand and pick someone for Barack, Hagel would be the man. And the Huff left two big names of the list, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, and current Ohio guv Ted Strickland.


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