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Monday, May 05, 2008
D.C. Madam's 'suicide notes' released
... and awfully quickly too. My question: do people really talk like this?
"I cannot live the next 6-8 years behind bars for what both you and I have come to regard as this 'modern day lynching,'" Palfrey wrote. Local Florida police released the notes to the media Monday morning. Palfrey said she did not want to face leaving prison as a "penniless and very much alone woman."

"6-8 years?" Sounds awfully legalistic to me, but then, I'm feeling conspiratorial today. That's supposedly in the note Palfrey left to her mom, in which she also asks to use the "little surprise in the BOA (Bank of America?) account" for "final arrangements and various account settlements." there was a second note, addressed to Palfrey's younger sister, Bobbie, in which she references a lack of any other "exit strategy." Again, I'd want to know if this is the way Palfrey normally spoke. And sorry but if I'm the family, I'm having that handwriting analyzed.

One question that continues to plague me in this case: if her sentencing wasn't scheduled until July, why take herself out in May?


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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Death of the D.C. Madam
Death at the trailer park. So-called "D.C. madam" found dead of apparent suicide.

Jeane Palfrey, a 50-something woman who became better known to the world as the "D.C. Madam," who pimped women to the powerful, including Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, and Randal Tobias of the Bush State Department (plus guys from NASA, the U.S. Military, and the International Monetary Fund), was found dead in a utility shed behind her mother's Tarpon Springs, Florida trailer home. Leaving aside questions about what she was doing with her prostitution money (apparently not buying her mother a new house,) suspicions now hang over the apparent cause of death: suicide. (Ironically enough, one of her former employees killed herself in January...)

TIME reports that a man who Palfrey approached to help her write a book says she told him she would commit suicide before going back to prison.

Palfrey's trial had threatened to bring down a number of prominent Republicans on the Hill. Now that she won't be sentenced, she won't be talking, releasing that hot ticket client list of hers, or writing that book, either. Just sayin'...

Let the conspiracy theories begin. Wikipedia offers links to a tantalizing start:
She wrote in August 1991 following an attempt to bring her to trial,"If taken into custody, my physical safety and most probably my very life would be jeopardized, rape, beating, maiming, disfigurement and more than likely murder disguised in the form of just another jailhouse accident or suicide would await me," said Palfrey in a handwritten letter to the judge accusing the San Diego police vice squad of having a vendetta against her.

"No I'm not planning to commit suicide," Palfrey told The Alex Jones Show on her last appearance, "I'm planning on going into court and defending myself vigorously and exposing the government," she said.
Here we go. At least on the left end of the spectrum, Jeane Palfrey just became the right's Vince Foster.


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