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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Ten ways to revive the Bush presidency
Nicholas Kristoff of the NYT offers Dubya some advice, summarized nicely by the good folks at Raw Story:
Aside from replacing Cheney, characterized as "the single worst influence on your foreign policy, as well as the most polarizing figure in your administration," Kristof also advises the president to "seriously engage Iraq's nastier neighbors, including Iran and Syria, and renounce permanent military bases in Iraq"; to "start an intensive effort to bring peace to the Middle East"; to "confront the genocide in Darfur"; to "revive the theme of compassionate conservatism by extending your excellent five-year AIDS program"' to "address climate change"; to "put aside those thoughts of a military strike on Iranian nuclear sites, and make it clear to Israel that we oppose it conducting such an attack"; to "address our disgraceful inequities in health care"; and to "revive the reform proposals that President Clinton urged in 1999," rather than just "giving up" on Social Security. ...

... "Tenth, don't toss this newspaper to the floor and curse the press for your unpopularity," Kristof writes. "Instead, borrow from your playbook after you lost the New Hampshire primary in 2000 -- grit your teeth, retool and steal ideas from your critics and rivals."

"It worked then, and it just might help in 2007,"
Not that Bush will listen.

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