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Saturday, February 23, 2008
And now for a ... 'Lost' theory...
Okay, yes, I know it's obsessive and a bit lame, but I was just perusing the Lost site, and reading some of the theories about who is in that coffin that Jack alone visited. All we know is that it's a man with a teenaged son, whom the Oceanic Six know, but don't care to visit in at his final hour. My theory: it's Michael. He escaped from the island without the other castaways, betraying them, and he's the only character with a son who would be a teenager by then (Walt.)

Just sayin...

Update: This person agrees with me. And if you scroll down in comments, someone called U2FL speculates that Michael is also the "spy" that Ben has on the "rescuers'" boat.

You've got to love this show!

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