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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
I think I liked you better when you were being a jerk
I liked California Rep. Pete Stark for about a day and a half ... He got on my good side when he issued this nasty little bromide, directed at the 'publicans and their president:

Well, then, in typical Democrat fashion, Stark not only caved (after the leadership of his own party tisk tisked him like a bunch of fairy godmothers, and then helped him out by killing a vote on yet another stupid, bitchy "sense of the GOP and their shaky legged, lacky Democrat followers" reprimand on the House floor) ... he promptly, and tearfully, apologized...

What a wussie. I'll bet if you were a member of the GOP you wouldn't apologize, Starky. You'd make like Glenn Beck and justify that nasty wildfire comment about victims who've been burned out of their homes hating America, or act like El Rushbo and deny that what you said on tape which is recorded and disseminated online was what you said at all, and then blame the "drive by media" for misquoting you. It's all about definitiveness, Stark. And snarky delivery.

Someday, my pitifully well-behaved (and thus thoroughly ineffective) Democrats will learn to play the game.



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