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Monday, July 06, 2009
The slow and painful death of Black culture
News One vents their outrage at what was, if it proceeded as described, a truly disgraceful performance -- rapper Lil Wayne and some other guy performing the clean version of a porno song with a bunch of little girls dancing around on stage at the BET Awards. ... and then at the bottom of the post: 42 pictures of scantily clad starlets at the BET Awards! ... by the way, does anyone over 16 even watch BET anymore? And isn't NewsOne long-awaited online arm of Radio One, a company which operates mostly hip-hop and urban radio stations that traffic in the same musical pornography that's damaging the same children they're so very outraged on behalf of...? Just sayin ...

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posted by JReid @ 9:48 AM  
Monday, August 25, 2008
Defede out, too ... Radio One in the crapper
If you still don't believe that radio is on the ropes, with syndication sucking the wind out of local content, and bad management killing what should be solid niche radio companies, peep these two headlines (written by me, by the way, don't blame the media outlets...)

Headline number one:

Jim Defede dealt same fate as his former producer (only he gets requests a parachute)

Just days after we learned that former "Jim Defede Show" producer Nicole Sandler was out as the morning show bench warmer at Miami's 940 WINZ (Sandler, who is not, to my knowledge, a talk radio host, inherited the mic after P.D. Ken Charles bumped Defede last year,) and Don Imus was IN (listened to him this morning. He's still in rare form...) her former boss is given heave-ho number two, this time by struggling -- and I mean STRUGGLING, radio outfit 850 AM, owned by the fiscally challenged James Crystal Radio Group. AllAccess reporteth:
JAMES CRYSTAL RADIO Talk WFTL-A/FORT LAUDERDALE-WEST PALM BEACH afternoon host JIM DEFEDE has disappeared from the station's website and appears to have exited the station.

DEFEDE, a former columnist for the MIAMI HERALD who continues as a commentator for CBS O&O WFOR-TV (CBS 4)/MIAMI, joined WFTL for 4-7p weekdays in 2007 after being let go at CLEAR CHANNEL Talk WINZ-A/MIAMI; his bio has been erased from the WFTL website and the station's programming lineup dhows 4-7p as "To Be Announced."

In an e-mail to blog RANDOM PIXELS, DEFEDE said that "Unfortunately I never meshed with the rest of the station so rather than continue working there, I asked them to buy me out of the remaining 14 months of my contract. We were able to reach a deal this week and my time at WFTL is now over. Leaving WFTL will free me up to do even more with CBS4 News. I wish the folks at WFTL all the best."
Fourteen months pay??? I've really got to get an agent...

***UPDATE: A source close to the Defede situation stresses that when it comes to parachutes, asking and receiving are two very different things, and only confirmable once you pull the rip cord, seen? ... Developing...

Headline number two!

Radio One's balance sheet sucks ... but it isn't the only one

The real AllAccess headline is about Spanish Broadcasting System become the third radio group to receive a warning from NASDAQ that they could soon be de-listed, because their stock has fallen below a buck. Well ... hellooooo, Mr. Schadenfreude:
RADIO ONE received the same notice. The LANHAM, MD-based media company has also not maintained a minimum market value of publicly held shares as required for continued inclusion by NASDAQ. RADIO ONE has not traded above $1 per share recently, and closed on THURSDAY (8/14) 7 cents below a dollar, at 93 cents a share.
You do realize that Radio One had, and fired, Steve Harvey from their L.A. station just before he blew up nationwide (then they sold the LA station at a major loss...) they turned down the HIT Michael Baisden Show ... and they scrapped their national black talk radio network just two months before Barack Obama, the first African-American major party nominee, won the Iowa caucuses ... right? (ahem...) Oh, and the board recently voted to give owner Kathy Hughes a raise...

You've got to love radio!


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posted by JReid @ 11:15 AM  
Thursday, May 01, 2008
More shakeups at Radio One
The drama continues at my former employer. I just got it from a very good source that Lee Michaels, the former regional PD (and my one-time nemesis) has been fired (there goes your meal ticket, D...) It's not in the trades yet, but I'm not surprised. His corporate counterpart Zemira Jones, took a walk a couple of months ago.

Apparently, the company finally managed to sell its L.A. station, (then called KKBT - 100.3 The Beat, now called V100, and the station that used to employ Steve Harvey, before the Radio One folks kicked him to the curb, allegedly over remarks he made about Cathy Hughes as she sat in the audience for the BET Comedy Awards, which he was hosting. The station, which with Harvey had the number one show in the market, promptly went in the tank after that, and in 2005, Harvey jumped to Clear Channel. The rest, as they say, is history...(Cliffs Notes version: he's really, really successful...) for $137.5 million (they bought it for an eye-popping $400 million in 1999, so I'm not sure if the selling price is the good news or the bad news.) Interestingly enough, they sold the station to a religious outfit -- in this case a Mormon broadcasting company -- much like they did with our station, WTPS here in Miami...) Not everybody was feeling the move:
... one of its own the outspoken and candid Baisden took difference to yet another Black station being sold to a White owned establishment during his show on Tuesday, but before his listeners could hear his comments he was silenced by music.
No comment. I wouldn't want to be silenced by music or anything...

And yet, even as the company continues to shed stations, they've now decided to launch yet another cable TV network, on top of the ... well ... on top of TV One.

Stock quote at the open: a cool buck. Can I sell now, or should I just hold onto my handful of shares out of nostalgia?


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posted by JReid @ 9:13 AM  
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Our final program
Radio One has gotten out of the talk business, and so our station, WTPS, has come to the end of the road. We're in the middle of our final program on "Wake Up South Florida" right now. Sad ending to an experiment that really didn't get enough time to germinate. I still think the talk format can work in the urban context, given enough time, attention and consistency. It had its flaws, but it was needed, especially in this market here in South Florida.

We'll let you know where Andre and I, as well as Eddie Frederick, EWF, A.C., Ricky Norris Sports Guru and the rest of the gang are going next. Andre can be found at You can also keep up with us at

One love, y'all!

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ReidBlog: The Obama Interview
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