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Thursday, March 05, 2009
Jon Stewart's New York tea party
The Bourgeois Baron continues to head down into Michael Steele territory. From the latest edition of "The Daily Show":


Related: on Monday, Santelli both promoted, and defended, his February 19 rant.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009
Punkdified: Rick Santelli blames his wife for fearing Robert Gibbs
The former derivatives trader, who Gibbs pointed out, probably doesn't live anywhere near the "losers" who are going under after losing their jobs and homes, is what many wealthy Wall Street wags are: a punk who's better at sniping on television than answering questions. Watch Matt Lauer take him down, and catch him in a lie, as Santelli throws his poor wife under the bus; denying he accused the president's spokesman of threatening him, and then pawning the fear of a pudgy press secretary of on her:

Santelli, I think you're on about minute 14. Enjoy the last one.

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Monday, February 23, 2009
Santelli's scared... or: some revolutionary HE turned out to be
Um ... who could possibly be afraid of Robert Gibbs? Answer: Rick Santelli, the Bourgeois Baron himself, and would-be leader of the Chicago Tea Party. Now, our friendly neighborhood "real American" Wall Street capitalist says he's terrified ... terrified, I say! ... of the guv'ment:

Seriously, Rick? Seriously???


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posted by JReid @ 11:16 PM  
Friday, February 20, 2009
Robert Gibbs fires back at the Bourgeois Baron (Rick Santelli)
Rick Santelli thinks the guys on Wall Street and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are the "real America" (as opposed to the "losers" who are out here getting themselves unemployed, getting sick, losing their healthcare and losing their homes ... losers...) Well, just watched Robert Gibbs' presser and apparently, the Obama White House begs to differ...
I’ve watched Mr. Santelli on cable the past 24 hours or so. I’m not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or in what house he lives but the American people are struggling every day to meet their mortgages, stay in their jobs, pay their bills, send their kids to school,” Gibbs said. “I think we left a few months ago the adage that if it was good for a derivatives trader that it was good for Main Street. I think the verdict is in on that,” the press secretary said, poking directly at the cable journalist, who reports from the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Gibbs insisted Santelli was misinformed when he said Obama’s program would amount to a transfer of money from prudent taxpayers to those who had taken reckless risks.

“Mr. Santelli has argued, I think quite wrongly, that this plan won’t help everyone,” Gibbs said. “This plan helps people who have been playing by the rules….I would encouraged him to read the president’s plan….I’d be more than happy to have him come here to read it. I’d be happy to buy him a cup of coffee—decaf."
I wonder if Santelli has talked to Michelle Bachman. If not, he should. His band of brothers will soon be running low, since apparently we're running out of rich people. He may have to throw those derivatives into the Chicago River himself...

Meanwhile, Balloon Juice offers a sound rebuttal to Mr. Storm the Bastille (on behalf of Marie Antoinette...)

The most amusing thing to me about this Rick Santelli faux populist broker revolt is not his invocation of the Nixonian silent majority, but the utter lack of perspective it displays. Yes, there is a simmering discontent and anger out there, and clearly the Republicans are going to try to tap into it, but the problem for Santelli and his crowd is that the anger is not directed at the people who are losing their homes, but at the people Santelli spends every day rubbing shoulders with at the trendy Chicago restaurants the brokers go to these days.

The audacity of Santelli’s “revolt” is that a mere 75 billion is being spent to help struggling families repackage loans- a pittance in the terms of the gargantuan amount of money being thrown at the banks, the Wall Street wizards, and the rest of the rocket scientists who are the root of this problem.

Hello Santelli? The guys on that trading floor already got their bailout. And where were you when that happened?

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posted by JReid @ 3:06 PM  
Thursday, February 19, 2009
Rick Santelli leads the bourgeois revolution
CNBC's Rick Santelli -- the wingers' new star -- decries mortgage help for 'losers' and leads a mini revolt on the floor of the Chicago mercantile exchange:

Throw open the debtors prisons, why don't ya! And orphanages! What's wrong with orphanages??? You know, I'd be interested to get Rick's views on bailing out the "losers" at the Wall Street banks, since they're the ones who tanked the economy last time I checked.

UPDATE: Santelli last April on the prospect of bailing out Bear Stearns:
If this is how the U.S. government is going to operate in a democratic, free-market society, we might as well put a hammer and sickle on the flag.

Well, at least he's consistent.

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ReidBlog: The Obama Interview
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