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Friday, June 26, 2009
Aren't we done with you yet? Perez attacks Jax (then covers it up)
Perez Hilton is like a junkie. He just can't put the needle down. Yesterday, Gawker busted the bitchy fat kid making fun of a dead man:

In the last hour Perez Hilton has taken down the photo shown here and amended his original post so he doesn't look as bad, but here's the text of what he originally posted.

We knew something like this would happen!!

Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance from his Holmby Hills home to a nearby Los Angeles hospital on Thursday afternoon!!

Supposedly, the singer went into cardiac arrest and the paramedics had to administer CPR!!!

His mother is even on the way to visit him!!!

We are dubious!!

Jacko pulled a similar stunt when he was getting ready for his big HBO special in ‘95 when he "collapsed" at rehearsal!

He was dragging his heels on that just like his upcoming 50 date London residency at the 02 Arena, of which he already postponed the first few dates!!!

Either he's lying or making himself sick, but we're curious to see if he's able to go on!!!

Get your money back, ticket holders!!!!

Yeah, you too, advertisers!!!! If this comment is really Will.I.Am, 'nuff respect to him:
WILL I AM says -

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posted by JReid @ 4:42 PM  
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Perez is burning
Perez Hilton has officially jumped the shark. Buh-bye, now!

Is it wrong that I'm really, really glad the Black Eyed Peas manager belted Perez Hilton, and that I wish to God I could move to Toronto and become a Canadian citizen just long enough to be on that jury, solely for nullification purposes? If it is, consider this my apology. Or not.

To recap: it all started when Hilton, real name something Lavandera, or something, blasted through his 15 minutes of fame by getting into a fight -- literal and Twitteral -- with the entire population of the Black Eyed Peas (whom my son informed me today actually consists of FOUR people. Who knew!? I thought it was just Will.I.Am, Fergie and that Latino guy with the long hair...! But I digress...) So rather than call 911 himself, Perez, for whom EVERYTHING is done mostly for publicity, Twitters his followers to do it for him. And they being the lefty-celeb-hating equivalent of Dittoheads, proceeded to do so, probably clogging up 911 for people with real problems. Per @perezhilton on the night of "the incident..."

--" I'm in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please."

-- "I was assaulted by of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke."

--" Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel."

--" I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here."

-- "The Toronto police are here now. Thank you. Please stop calling them."

Well, at least he told them to stop.

Meanwhile, Perez's claims that Will.I.Am had beaten him up, went viral, causing Will.I.Am to feel the need to make his own video denying he'd touched a pink hair on Perez's head. ... oh, and Perez called Will a "faggot." To which Hilton responded with a 12-minute rant about what a bad person Will.I.Am is. Dude -- you're a blogger fighting with a pop group after you've just finished fighting with a beauty pageant contestant ... Which leads us to two conclusions. First, Perez Hilton is an idiot. He Twitted that Will.I.Am assaulted him, which it turns out, he didn't actually believe, since it's the BIP's bodyguard who has been charged with assault (presumably, Perez is the one who pressed the charges.) Second, Perez Hilton is an idiot. A gay guy calling someone a "faggot?" Does that even make sense??? Gay activists are not amused (and neither is John Mayer, which is a whoooole nother level of Perez jumping the shark-dom.) The story makes its way all the way to ABC News:
The openly gay blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, caught heat from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, Monday for his use of the anti-gay slur.

"These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community," Rashad Robinson, GLAAD's senior director of media programs, said in a statement, adding that the organization had reached out to Hilton for an apology.

In response to Hilton's latest statement, Robinson said, "Perez Hilton's acknowledgement that words can hurt is an important step in the right direction, and while his change of tone is welcome, he still seems to be justifying the use of the slurs. ... Now that Perez Hilton has acknowledged that words can hurt, GLAAD calls on him to take this opportunity to reflect on his use of demeaning and defamatory language against many different communities on"
And now, of course, Perez is suing ... although he can't sue the Black Eyed Peas and make soem REAL money, because despite his initial Twittering, none of the members of that group hit him. So, he's down to suing the bodyguard. Sure hate it! And as for that 12-minute rant? Breckin's is funnier.

Prescription: somebody else famous could belt Perez in the other eye so he can stay famous? Or ... let's just pretend he isn't there...

UPDATE: For the love of God make it stop! There's video of the alleged "confrontation":


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posted by JReid @ 8:18 PM  
Saturday, June 13, 2009
Kenneth Quinnell of the Florida Progressive Coalition blog breaks down his linking strategy, and in the process provides a good breakdown of the Florida left of center blogosphere. Enjoy.

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posted by JReid @ 11:53 PM  
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Prediction: Miss California will get a show on Fox News
She stood down Perez Hilton, stammered her support for "opposite marriage," and lost the crown. And yet, to a Fox News exec, she's pretty, she's conservative on family values (maybe she could do a national traditional marriage tour with Rudy Giuliani ... and his three wives, including his ... cousin ... and his wife Judy's ... other husband??? ... ahem...) and she's blonde. Done deal.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, previously famous for maybe, possibly dating our favorite, medaled-down pot-head, Michael Phelps, is in a full-on girl fight with Perez, who broke all prior pageant protocol by being a former judge who refers to a contestant a "dumb bitch," and well on her way to her own show on Fox, which is already distributing the talking point that she lost the Miss USA pageant over her opposition to gay marriage. The controversy unfolded as follows:

Prejean picked celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who is openly gay and calls himself 'queen of all media'.

Hilton asked her: 'Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalise same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit. Why or why not?'

Prejean paused for a moment before replying: 'Well, I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.'

She continued: 'And you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.

'No offence to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be - between a man and a woman. Thank you very much.'
No, thank YOU very much. ... And then Perez:
... went on to describe Prejean as having 'half a brain' and said he would have stormed onto the stage and ripped off her tiara if she had won.
Which he followed by...
In an expletive-laced online video blog, the gay self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” said after the telecast that Prejean should have just avoided the question. “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb (expletive)..."
The expletive in question was "bitch." (Ahem.) At least for a time...

So ... question ... what was the Miss USA pageant thinking, hiring a madcap entertainment blogger who named himself after Paris Hilton and styles himself the "Queen of All Media" as a judge in the first place? Is this an admission that the only people who watch these silly pageants anymore are 90-year-olds, gay men, creeepy pageant moms and entertainment bloggers? Even then, is it ever appropriate for a judge to call a pageant contestant a bitch ... and worse ... even if he's mad at her over gay marriage? Here's the worse. It starts with "C" ...

Paris Hilton just lost this fight. Throwing out the c-word ends the conversation, and makes Ms. Prejean look reasonable by comparison, on-stage stammering aside. Meanwhile, Fox News executives await Ms. PreJean's answer...

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posted by JReid @ 9:28 AM  
Monday, June 23, 2008
A peek into the winger mind
If you want to get a glimpse of the sheer psychosis of the right wing mind, click here to read the ravings of a particularly alarmist winger who predicts that if Barack Obama becomes president, literally, all hell will break loose. Note that he includes "high gas prices" as one of the calamities. Clearly, this guy is a bicycler... What's really scary, is that he is not at all unusual.

Excuse my French, but these people are NUTS!

To be fair, many on the right are simply frustrated that Obama simply will not fade away. Few actually like John McCain, but their only hope of shoe horning him into the White House is for the mainstream media to take Obama down ... hard. That's not happening as yet, so they're down to attacking his new political director (Patrick Gaspard, with whom I worked back in my ACT days, and who, contrary to RedState, really isn't all that scary, and who as field director ... and I'll go slowl for the wingers, didn't direct or implement financial policy for ACT ...), sputtering on about "victory in Iraq," whining that the media are turning Obama into an icon, and writhing in agony as once again, the popular culture trends against them. This video has got to be particularly galling:

Ironically, neither the press nor the Obama campaign find their relationship quite so cozy. In fact, quite the opposite. And yet, the myth persists with righties, who apparently haven't noticed their candidate's eight-year media free ride.

By the way, not ONE pro-McCain article today on RedState. Very sad, but proof that the GOP will make the election all about Barack, with John McCain merely along for the ride.


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posted by JReid @ 1:42 PM  
Friday, June 06, 2008
Blogs for Dems
I'll be doing some guest blogging for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, starting in earnest next week. Feel free to give Larry Thorson and the gang a look-see here (or refer to the blogroll.) I know I live in Broward, but Dade is sort of my home away from home... besides, there's nothing going on up here but foreclosures and the price of gas. Maybe someone will wake Broward from the dead before the election is over...


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posted by JReid @ 10:08 PM  
Saturday, July 28, 2007
Attack of the blogger-bots
Just in case you had any remaining doubt that the leading right wing bloggers are little more than stenographers for the White House and the GOP, dutifully tapping out talking points garnished to look like original thoughts, RawStory cops a link that utterly clears the fog:
At the urging of top conservative bloggers, the White House set up a Friday morning conference call to promote its message on the subject of executive privilege, RAW STORY has found.

"The White House hosted a blogger conference call to discuss the issues surrounding the Bush administration's use of executive privilege in the probe of the firings of eight federal prosecutors," wrote Ed Morrissey, who produces the blog Captains Quarters. "The White House arranged the call based on a recommendation by this blog, in order to familiarize the blogosphere with the legal and political arguments on which the administration will rely to prevail in the upcoming fight regarding the contempt citations Congress seems likely to approve." ...

Morrisey did not name any other participants in the call or identify the administration official who spoke to the assembled bloggers. But he showed that the message being delivered by the White House was short and to the point.

"The power to hire and fire federal prosecutors belongs exclusively to the executive branch," Morrissey wrote. "Congress has no particular oversight in these matters, and so the executive privilege claim is very compelling in this instance."

At least one commenter was critical of Morrissey's efforts.

"Thanks for reporting the administration's talking points, Captain Steno," wrote the posts only commenter. "You have a reputation for being a rational thinker, so how's about a little more in-depth analysis of the legal merit of the points?"
The offending post can be found here. Some of the commenters appear to be rightfully appalled at Captain's new job as Tony Snow's virtual lieutenant, but many of the BushBots are circling the wagons around the president and his lackey attorney general. Typical of the lap-dog commenters is someone called "Skywatch":

We are at war.

That does not forgive everything. I was and still am very worried about some of the patriot act (tho some concernces have been addressed).Like a Dem commentor said above would you want Hillary having this power? I would not. I trust the Bush toadies to use the powers to protect me. To listen and collect data on folks that wish harm on the country but I think Hillary would use those same powers to collect data on political foes.
Do you, now? Well that'll do, then, donkey, that'll do...

But there are also some lucid commenters over at Ed's, including someone called "Shieldvulf":
Lying to Congress and the people, politicizing law enforcement, and ignoring Congressional subpoenas are not at issue at all! The only question to be asked is, which side is someone on? Them over there? They are bad! It doesn't matter how well documented their outrage may be. All that matters is whether or not they get in line.

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posted by JReid @ 3:53 AM  
Thursday, March 29, 2007
It's the bloggers
President Bush doesn't need those liberal, downbeat reporters and military generals pooh-poohing the mission in Iraq. Not when he has the bloggers. (...and that crazy-ass John McCain...) Said Bush to the cattlemen:

“I want to share with you how two Iraqi bloggers — they have bloggers in Baghdad, just like we’ve got here,” Mr. Bush told an audience of ranchers and cattlemen, after remarking that Iraqis were beginning to see “positive changes.”

He went on to quote the bloggers directly: “Displaced families are returning home, marketplaces are seeing more activity, stores that were long shuttered are now reopening. We feel safer about moving in the city now. Our people want to see this effort succeed. We hope the governments in Baghdad and America do not lose their resolve.”

But just who were these anonymous bloggers? The deputy White House press secretary, Dana Perino, spent a good chunk of her regular briefing on Wednesday deflecting that question, and defending the propriety of the president’s use of anonymous quotes.

Ms. Perino called the bloggers “one input from many different inputs that are coming in regarding progress on the ground,” and said she herself had often responded to anonymous quotations. “Blogs are new for all of us,” she said, “and I know that you all look at them, because you call me and ask me what we think about the blogs.”

As for the writers’ identity, it remained a mystery — until the White House distributed a transcript of the briefing. In a footnote at the end, the administration disclosed that the bloggers were Omar and Mohammed Fadhil, two brothers who are both dentists and who write an English-language blog,, from Baghdad. The White House said their writings had been cited in mainstream news outlets; on March 5, the Fadhil brothers wrote an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal titled “Notes from Baghdad.”

Oh, yes, and on Dec. 9, 2004, they met in the Oval Office with Mr. Bush.
And about that meeting, and that blog...
Now that the subject is old and tired, the Times has stumbled on the “news” that the blogosphere is more aptly termed the propaganda-sphere.

Boxer takes on the case of Iraq the Model, a website that captures in its very name the neocon vision of a democratized and properly domesticated Middle East. The pro-war bloggers have been touting the brothers Fadhil, as exemplars of the “good news” from Iraq. Their capstone of their triumphant American tour, sponsored by a “charitable” organization known as the “Spirit of America,” occurred when two of the brothers were received at the White House for face time with the Prezt. But there’s a fly in this ointment, as I pointed out at the time, and I?m glad to see that the MSM, in the person of Ms. Boxer, has fished it out: the disenchantment of the third brother, Ali, whose last post on Iraq the Model read as follows:

“This is the last time I write in this blog and I just want to say, goodbye. It’s not an easy thing to do for me, but I know I should do it. I haven’t told my brothers with my decision, as they are not here yet, but it won’t change anything and I just can’t keep doing this anymore.

“My stand regarding America has never changed. I still love America and feel grateful to all those who helped us get our freedom and are still helping us establishing democracy in our country. But it’s the act of some Americans that made me feel I’m on the wrong side here. I will expose these people in public very soon and I won’t lack the mean to do this, but I won’t do it here as this is not my blog.

“At any rate, it’s been a great experience and a pleasure to know all the regular readers of this blog, as I do feel I know you, and I owe you a lot.

“Best wishes to all of you, those who supported us and those who criticized us as well.”

Boxer got in touch with Ali, and her depiction of his ambiguity about the American occupation, and the tenuousness of his position in relation to the realities of Iraq, ruined the Potemkin Village rah-rah propaganda regularly emitted ? in English ? on ?Iraq the Model? and a slew of other pro-occupation Iraqi blogs:

?Why did he quit Iraq the Model? When was he going to expose the Americans who made him feel he was on the wrong side? He was surprisingly frank. The blog had changed him. When the blog began, he said, ?People surprised me with their warmth and how much they cared about us.? But as time passed, he said, ?I felt that this is not just goodwill, giving so much credit to Iraq the Model. We haven’t accomplished anything, really.?

“His views took a sharp turn when his two brothers met with the president. There wasn’t supposed to be any press coverage about their trip to the United States, he said. But the Washington Post wrote about the meeting, and the Arabic press ended up translating the story, which, Ali felt, put his family in real danger. Anyway, he said, he didn’t see any sense in his brothers’ meeting with President Bush. ?My brothers say it happened accidentally, that it was not planned.? But why, he asked, take such an ?unnecessary risk?? He explained his worries: ?Here some people would kill you for just writing to an American.??

Ali, in short, was tired of being used by the War Party to make propaganda in America. The pro-war bloggers are now getting up on their high horses, screeching that Boxer has put the Fadhil brothers in danger. But Ali is right: it is the propagandists in America, including the laptop bombardiers? brigade, who put them in danger the minute they started holding them up as model New Iraqis, the offspring of the “liberation.” But since Glenn Reynolds-Powerline-Little Green Footballs crowd is definitely not part of the reality-based community, the hard reality of Ali?s comment that ?Here some people would kill you for just writing to an American? is inadmissible, becasue “some people” means an awful lot of people.

Boxer takes up the suspicions first raised by Martini Republic that ?Iraq the Model? might have informal connections to the U.S. government, a suggestion that was greeted with outrage by pro-war bloggers, but Ali?s account doesn?t dispel the murky aura of intrigue that hangs over the whole affair:

“Ali never did expose the people who made him feel that he was on the wrong side, and in fact conceded that he couldn’t. As he confided on the phone, ‘I didn’t know who the people were.’”


But Ali isn’t disenchanted with the idea of human freedom: it’s just that now he doesn?t identify this idea with the U.S. government:

“‘Me and my brothers,’ he said, “we generally agree on Iraq and the future.’ (He is helping his brother Mohammed, who is running on the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party ticket in the Jan. 30 election.) But there is one important difference: ‘My brothers have confidence in the American administration. I have my questions.’”
So it's not that simple, Mr. Bush. Much of what you read in blogs is pure political propaganda (think Pajamas Media, LGF, Wizbang (sadly, because there are some good guys over there, but they're becoming subsumed by the Kim Priestaps of the world), Redstate, and on and on). But there are also some independent-minded writers, too, like Rick Moran, Mark in Mexico, Alex Nunez (who I wish had more time to blog) and others, and even some bloggers, even of the Iraq the Model variety, for whom the Kool-Aid eventually wears off.

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ReidBlog: The Obama Interview
Listen now:


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