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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
They have naked hiking in Argentina???
Mark Sanford is back! ... and he wasn't on the Appalachian trail. He was out of the freaking country (in Buenos Aires, Argentina, no less.)
Sanford said he had considered hiking on the Appalachian Trail, an activity he said he has enjoyed since he was a high school student. "But I said 'no' I wanted to do something exotic," Sanford said "... It's a great city."

... Sanford said he has taken adventure trips for years to unwind. He has visited such places as the coast of Turkey, the Greek Isles and South America. He was with friends sometimes and sometimes by himself.News conference in minutes.
Huh??? Are we talking with clothes or without!? Sanford says he doesn't know how this whole thing got blown out of proportion, and he seems to think it's perfectly normal for the chief executive of a state to exit the country without telling his staff, his wife, or frankly anyone, where he's going. Helloooo 2012!

Sanford press conference any minute.

Ane by the way, if you think the Sanford story has stopped getting weird, consider this: Sanford claims he was driving by himself along the Argentine coast. Okay, however:
Trying to drive along the coast could frustrate a weekend visitor to Argentina. In Buenos Aires, the Avenida Costanera is the only coastal road, and it's less than two miles long. Reaching coastal resorts to the south requires a drive of nearly four hours on an inland highway with views of endless cattle ranches. To the north is a river delta of islands reached only by boat.

A spokesman for Argentina's immigration agency wouldn't comment Wednesday on whether Sanford entered the country, citing privacy laws.
Hopefully at his presser, which we're still waiting on, he will explain why he told his staff he'd be hiking, why he didn't update them if he changed his mind and decided to leave the United States, and why he didn't place the lieutenant governor in charge during his absence. He might also explain how he proposed to drive this so-called coastal route, alone, with or without a map, and without any obvious way of being found should he get lost.

Meanwhile, BlackBook queries Sanford's possible sideline as a Peronista...

And Gawker lists some fun things to do in Argentina without your wife. Handy!

UPDATE: 2:26 - Sanford is talking now, and apologizing to his wife, kids and right now, his staff, saying he let them all down, and let down "people all across the state." He stressed the importance of "being a husband and father" and said that's job one (unlike job 2, which is driving aimlessly down the rambling coastline of Argentina, mostly off-road...)

2:28 - Sanford is now apologizing to his friend Tom Davis. And he's apologizing to his in-laws. (Wow, this is a lot of apologies!) His rambling apology to the in-laws includes strange references to past? internal struggles about "where my heart is." What??? Is this guy dumping his wife or what?

2:29 - Sanford just said "if you look at God's laws, they're designed to protect people from ourselves..." and that "the biggest self is self." Oh lord, is he gonna announce that he's gay?

2:30 - Oh, snap! Sanford just admitted that he's been cheating on his wife. Paraphrasing: "I've been unfaithful to my wife. I've developed a relationship with what started as a dear, dear friend, from Argentina ... it began very innocently as I suspect these things do, in just a casual email back and forth ... but here recently devleoped in this past year into something much more than that. As a consequence, I hurt her, I hurt you all. I hurt my boys. I hurt friends like Tom Davis. ... "

Wow. Wow. I just missed part of the presser because my cellphone rang. But Sanford is going to resign, but so far, only from the Republican Governor's Association, due to this affair. Wow.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Mark Sanford was just doin' a little hikin' ... on naked hiking day ...
The latest 2012 GOP hopeful to go down in flames does it big. ... Big and naked:

We’re not suggesting that the formerly missing Governor of South Carolina specifically ditched his family and security detail to go hiking on Naked Hiking Day. It’s just that one of the days he hit the trail also happened to be the aforementioned holiday. [Editor’s note: This paragraph was changed to make clear that the governor’s timing was a coincidence.]

Until late yesterday, no one would say publicly where he was. Poof. He just disappeared.

Poof indeed. Sanford is supposed to return to work tomorrow. Yes, I know you can't wait.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Dude looks like a lady
Another "only in Florida" classic.


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ReidBlog: The Obama Interview
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