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You were wrong, Ron Christie

Angela vs Ron

Anyone who witnessed the uncomfortable moment on the Melissa Harris Perry show this morning when Republican strategist Ron Christie went after Democratic strategist and former Congressional Black Caucus general counsel Angela Rye on the question of whether there were racial undertones to the tea party’s 2010 midterm sweep (and whether he would “allow” her to finish her thought…) no doubt came away with thoughts and feelings about Christie’s tone. But tone aside, Ron was just wrong on the facts.

Ron asserted that there are simply no racial or racist undertones to the tea party, in 2010 or ever. And he got very heated in making that argument. But the science and the empirical evidence beg to differ. Continue reading

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Thank you, conservatives, for saving us from subversive things

Black Santa

This secular progressive madness HAS TO STOP. It’s upsetting the kids who watch Fox News with their families…

Black Santa is just the beginning, people. Secular progressive humanist Obummer Marxists are ruining everything, with their “diversity” and their “inclusion…” Continue reading

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UPDATED: Megyn Kelly (of Fox’s ‘straight news’ division) was roundly mocked this week… and it was hilarious

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.43.52 AM

Megyn Kelly unleashed comedy gold this week with her “just the facts” reassurance to the kids who watch Fox News at 9:00 at night (which she explains is 6 p.m. on the west coast where all those conservative grandparents who make their grandkids watch Fox News “with the family” happen to live… ahem…) that Santa, and also Jesus, are totally, totally white. Of course, hilarity ensued. Enjoy! Continue reading

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In which presidents (and other important American people) shake hands with people


President Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro at memorial service for Nelson Mandela, December 10, 2013.

Right wingers are really, really freaked out and pissed off that President Obama shook hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro. Like, really mad. (Then again they’re always freaked out and pissed off at Obama, so there’s an element of “haters gonna hate” about this, but hey, when they lose their ish, bloggers gonna blog…

But is Obama’s hand-grip really all that out of bounds for an American leader? Well … no. It isn’t. Continue reading

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Rest in peace, Madiba


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This week’s Herald column – the right’s cold calculus: the less fortunate must suffer because Obama exists


It’s Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean that cruelty takes a vacation …

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The casual cruelty of Dinesh D’Souza

A man who never misses an opportunity to scrape the bottom of the barrel in search of right wing fame and acceptance. Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: Sorry, Boehner, it’s not over


This week’s column details the reasons why, in my opinion, the GOP’s civil war is just beginning.  Continue reading

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I’m with Chait

… in this dustup with Douthat. Continue reading

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