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This week’s Herald column: the slavery-abortion analogy

OPINION — On Tuesday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee traveled to Texas, where the debate over an extremely restrictive — and more than likely unconstitutional — anti-abortion bill raged on this week. Huckabee came flanked by more than 3,000 anti-abortion protesters, and armed with a by now familiar message: Abortion is like slavery, and anti-abortion activists are the modern-day equivalent of abolitionists… Continue reading

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(Video) Mitt Romney gets agitated while speaking about Mormonism, abortion

Revealing video released by an Iowa radio station:

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This week’s Herald column: who controls the GOP?

I talked about this subject Wednesday on the “Martin Bashir Show” and on “The Last Word” last night. But it bears repeating: the Republican Party’s political operatives, and its media hacks (think Rush, Hannity, Coulter…) have been rolling the conservative … Continue reading

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Slate documents Romney’s lather, rinse, repeat strategy on abortion

William Saletan’s epic documentation of the SEVEN different positions on the issue of abortion taken by Mitt Romney throughout his political career.

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The Romney ‘aborted fetal disposal’ story: bigger than ‘is ACA a tax?’

David Corn’s Mother Jones scoop about Romney’s continued investment n Bain Capital after he claimed to have bern out of the business is the sleeper story of he political season.

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Today’s Herald column: the party of individual liberty meets George Orwell

The column is running on Sunday this week, and focuses on the Republican party’s ironic push both for personal liberty, and more government control over individual Americans.

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Rick Santorum’s crusade: soft Protestants, birth control, abortion, working women and prenatal testing – all bad

Rick Santorum is running for president, but not so much as he as running a crusade to impose what he thinks is America’s original and proper religious standard on America (I’m thinking he means the America of the Puritan colonies … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: no more ‘charity as usual’ for Komen

I’m a bit late in posting today’s Herald column, which tackles the perfect mess The Komen Foundation made for itself when it waded into the culture wars.

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Komen caves

With a quickness. I guess they didn’t want to risk their corporate donors on the hope that church folk would keep them solvent.

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This exists: white/Finnish filmmakers’ anti-abortion blaxploitation film

What do you get when you combine anti-abortion zealotry with a really poor, underdeveloped racial sensibility? You get anti-abortion filmmaking, “blaxploitation” style.

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