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Keith Olbermann’s new gig **UPDATED**

So … Keith Olbermann will make a comeback, it seems … courtesy of one Albert Gore.

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Florida clicks: Wexler in the bullpen for Charlie? Plus, Meek, Garcia ad-watch

If this turns out to be true, it could be big news. At minimum, it would get Chuck Todd and the Beltway media buzzing and shift the Florida meme back in the Crist direction for a few days, though the … Continue reading

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Jesus, if Al and Tipper can’t make it, perhaps there is no hope

Personally, I would have bet on George/Laura or Bill/Hillary hitting the skids first, but apparently, it’s the Gores that are splitting up (Halloween will never be the same.) I just hope there’s no Rielle Hunter-style hoochie involved …

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In case you missed it: Al Gore brings the funny

Gore’s appearance on SNL was great. Here he is giving his “plan B” if his push for renewed attention to climate change doesn’t work: the upshot — arming trees with toy guns. Watch: This guy is hilarious!

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Great job, Bill Clinton

I was tough on Bill Clinton (and Hillary Clinton) during the 2008 campaign, on my blog and on the radio. Like many African-Americans, I had what you might call a disharmonious divergence from my former status as a “Clinton Democrat,” … Continue reading

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