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It happened on Father’s Day: Rodney King dead, ‘stop and frisk’ at issue, immigration debated

This has certainly been an eventful Father’s Day …

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On Sharpton’s Trayvon role: don’t hate the reverend, hate the game

Photo by Joy ReidSo Maragret Carlson is upset that Rev. Al Sharpton is leading the charge in the Trayvon Martin case? Welcome to the real world, ma’am, where it takes a media movement to make a black kid’s death something … Continue reading

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What was that about? ’60 Minutes’ does a drive-by on Rev. Al Sharpton

In an otherwise terrific double episode that examined the plight of farm workers and their children, who are pushed to work long hours to help support their families, plus a serious expose on alleged “doping” by cyclist Lance Armstrong, “60 … Continue reading

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(Video) The left-center spat over Obama boiled down to one 4-minute TV fight

I didn’t watch MSNBC’s “Black Agenda” special on Sunday (hosted by, of all people, Ed Schultz … just go ahead and explain that one to yourself…) because to be honest, I’m not sure a specific “Black agenda” is the top … Continue reading

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David Gregory’s right wing nosedive, part 2: unions, unions everywhere

It’s as if he was reading his talking points off the RNC website (what up!) … David Gregory was even more tooly than usual this week, as he interviewed Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who has created a $4 billion, results-oriented, … Continue reading

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Sharpton v. Limbaugh, round five

“You’re saying I’m being racist because I’m saying blacks can’t swim.” – Rush Limbaugh on why the African-American team on CBS’ “Survivor” show will lose to the white team. “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Aug. 23, 2006 In Round One of … Continue reading

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Along comes Al (as Rush breaks out his violin)

First it’s the head of the NFL Player’s Union, (and several past and current players themselves) and now, Al Sharpton is throwing his weight behind the push to bar Rush Limbaugh from the NFL owners’ fraternity. Here we go … … Continue reading

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