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Supreme Court scary: the radicalism of Antonin Scalia

While it should have become clear to most Americans by now that five of the justices of the United States Supreme Court are dyed in the wool advocates of plutocracy. What is not as often reported is the inherent radicalism … Continue reading

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Arizona strikes again

It’s not enough that it’s the land of wildly anti-immigrant laws and sheriffs, and the crooked-fingered governor who feels “threatened” by … um… tall presidents. Now, Arizona is out-Wisconsining Wisconsin.

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Arizona’s Kyl to join other old guard Senators in retirement

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Jon Kyl, the number two Republican in the U.S. Senate, will not seek a fourth term in 2012. Kyl joins Kay Bailey Hutchinson and a handful of “blue dog” Democrats in thinning out the … Continue reading

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Tuesday clicks: are you there, Issa? It’s me, history; Palin can’t stop herself, and the tea party shuffle

Chinese President Hu Jintao heads to Washington bearing gifts … and Barack Obama: deregulator in chief??? Here’s what else is out there this morning: So… Darrell Issa is going to apply his ideological roto rooter to the POTUS, huh? Well … Continue reading

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Sunday clicks: sexy freshmen! Plus, Trent Humphries; tea party victim of the week

According to Gawker’s poll, Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger is sexier than Marco Rubio and Frederica Wilson COMBINED. Say it isn’t so, Freddy! And don’t worry girl, you’ll always be Miami’s sexiest member of the 112th Congress. Poll here. More “by … Continue reading

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In op-ed, glimpses of the mythical John McCain

ver the last several years, many journalists have watched the John McCain we admired in 2000 — perhaps unrealistically — slip away, replaced by an increasingly angry, scowling figure who in 2008, gave the world Sarah Palin, complete with those … Continue reading

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Or… you could just throw a cocktail party

So … House Speaker John Boehner said “thanks, but no thanks” to a ride on Air Force One to the Arizona victims’ memorial. But he did have a really good reason for skipping the event…

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(Video and full text) President Obama’s remarks at the victims’ memorial in Tucson, Arizona

President Barack Obama on Wednesday addressed the nation at a memorial for the victims of the Arizona shooting last Saturday. A greying Obama spoke as a national leader, healer, and as a father of young children himself, in a moving … Continue reading

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Arizona update: President Obama to seek unity in tragedy

The president and first lady travel to Arizona today, where President Obama will deliver a national address on the Arizona tragedy tonight at 8 p.m. It’s a speech many anticipate will focus on unity, not the ongoing divisions that have … Continue reading

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**UPDATED: Sarah Palin tapes faux presidential speech, accuses her critics of ‘blood libel’ (then takes the video down)

UPDATE: Amid harsh criticism for her choice of words, including the damning charge by Jim Clyburn that she’s “intellectually unable to understand” what she did, Sarah Palin has taken down the “blood libel” video. Hm… Below is the link to … Continue reading

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