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McCollum challenged for governor by (disgraced) healthcare astroturf king

UPDATE: contributions to Scott directed to his investment firm (ThinkProgress) Bill McCollum, the presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee in Florida, is already facing what so far has been a minor challenge from tea party favorite State Sen. Paula Dockery. Now, he’s … Continue reading

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The teabagger takeover

Remember Lloyd Marcus, the Black guy with the cowboy hat who sang an ode to Sarah Palin after the campaign and who was just so … darned … weird? Well turns out he’s not just some failed, makeshift Charlie Pride. … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: Fox News stage-manages ‘authentic’ protest

Courtesy of RawStory and Media Matters: Watch as a Fox News Channel producer (in the green) stage manages a crowd during the “9/12″ protests … Now, watch the moment as it aired: Hm…

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Tea partiers suffer mall crowd envy, resort to fake photo

You’ve almost got to feel sorry for the teabag-totin’ “patriots.” They expected upwards of 2 million people to answer Glenn Beck’s call to recapture the spirit of the day after 9/11 by hating the 9/11 families and ginning up racially-charged … Continue reading

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The teabaggers March on Washington

Well, it ain’t exactly August 28, 1963, but they’re trying, with the Glenn Beck 9/12 March on Washington! Meanwhile, the Hot Air blog tags the expectations game: A top House Dem leadership aide has emailed a memo to Dem aides … Continue reading

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