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Republicans want the sequester

… They have always wanted the sequester. How can I prove it? Easy.

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If austerity works, why is Europe in the crapper?

The U.S unemployment rate is dropping. Unemployment rates in Europe are stuck on high. What gives? (photo credit: The Republic of T)

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Rick Scott: ‘incredibly unpopular’ (just like Walker, Kasich) **BONUS: open letter to voters who’ve changed their minds

Somebody out there voted for this guy. Good luck finding five people who will admit it.

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More than 400,000 500,000 march against austerity in Britain

Huge protests against the conservative government’s draconian proposed cuts to social services touch off marches that turned Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square this weekend.

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Great Britain’s contraction a cautionary tale of ‘austerity’

News of the unexpected fourth quarter contraction of the British economy, thanks to the Herbert Hoover strategery of its ruling conservatives, should be a cautionary tale for American conservatives who want to emulate the economic strategy of “austerity.” The question … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush’s endless war on unions **UPDATE**

Just to be clear: Jeb Bush hates unions … teachers unions, police unions, firefighters unions … basically any brand or form of public employee union that exists in nature.

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