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Today’s Herald column: JP Morgan’s helpful reminder

Because how quickly we forget…

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I didn’t make that term up, though I wish I had. But I can tell you a lot of people have it. Bad, after JP Morgan Chase honcho Jamie Dimons steps in it, big time.

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Bring back Glass-Steagall! John McCain (and Maria Cantwell)’s very good idea

TDB has a piece focusing on one way Sen. John McCain could use his trademark peevishness for good: The Obama administration is talking tough but acting tame with respect to Wall Street. But a pair of senators is coming out … Continue reading

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Jackie Ramos, American hero

A young Georgia woman takes on Bank of America, from inside the “customer care” department. Watch: More on Jackie’s story on the Huffpo. Now some in Congress have a new rallying cry: break up the banks.

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Obama administration, Barney Frank target ‘too big to fail’

Perhaps realizing that the right is going to accuse him of being an anti-capitalist ogre anyway, President Obama appears finally to be prepared to take on the wizards of Wall Street (with a member of Congress, in this case Barney … Continue reading

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