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No freaking out about that Florida presidential poll

I know it’s tempting. But some perspective, please, when it comes to the poll showing the presidential race deadlocked in Florida.

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(Parody) Obama’s got 99 problems, but Mitt ain’t one

Let’s just call it one of the perks of being the first black president. Your send-ups cast you as Jay Z. This one’s by a Youtube parody artist called “Alphacat.” Hat tip to TheGrio.

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Obama’s warning to donors: the billionaires will own the White House, Congress

Lloyd Grove gets a leak of a call from the POTUS to former top donors, in which he warns about the dangers of letting a few billionaires buy the election.

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Jonathan Chait explains it all: the GOP’s all-in gamble for 2012

The last sentence of Jonathan Chait’s must-read article in the New Yorker is just the beginning: The deepest effect of Obama’s election upon the Republicans’ psyche has been to make them truly fear, for the first time since before Ronald … Continue reading

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Why the GOP plays the vote blocking card

It’s not hard to understand why Republicans tend to fall back on a strategy of reducing the share of black, brown and young people who are eligible to vote, while seeming to whip up resentment among working class white Americans: … Continue reading

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Obama vs Romney on gay marriage: a tale of two evolutions

President Obama came out in favor of gay marriage today, delighting his base and making life potentially very awkward for one Willard Mitt Romney.

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The right’s new goal: Bring Back Jeremiah Wright!

Disappointed that Sarah Palin wasn’t fully unleashed in 2008, to go all in on President Obama’s ties to scary black and terroristic people, and apparently out of ideas (and all but giving up on finding a presidential candidate they like) … Continue reading

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Obama Time at the Apollo: POTUS sings a few bars

of Al Green’s classic, “Let’s stay together,” creating the unexpected soundbite of the night, sure to make the rounds of dayside TV tomorrow. Listen:

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Andrew Sullivan infuriates the right (and the left) by calling Obama critics ‘dumb’

Conservative bloggers are fuming (or resorting to racist, schoolyard taunts.) But none have undermined the substance of Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover article, which asks the question: why are President Obama’s critics so dumb?

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Romney’s clueless Marie Antoinette gaffe

How out of touch is Mitt Romney?

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