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NBC Fall lineup includes ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

… and the network apparently wants the show so badly, they’d take it with or without Donald Trump.

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A glimpse of Florida’s future? MLB All-Star boycott brewing

If Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers gets picked for All Star, he ain’t going. Ditto for Tampa Bay’s Joakim Soria and Detroit’s Jose Valverde. A-Rod is being a punk (and that’s from a Yankee fan) and refusing to say … Continue reading

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The Pixies are terrorists, too? (plus: three cheers for the Israeli Naval reserves)

The rock group the Pixies have canceled an upcoming performance in Israel, joining a growing number of performers who don’t feel right about performing in a country that deploys its military against civilians. And the reaction from the promoter? Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Ain’t gonna play Sun City: artists unite to boycott Arizona

Michael Moore and the rock group Rage Against the Machine are leading an artist boycott of Arizona that’s reminiscent of the  Artists United Against Apartheid protest in 1985, which ironically enough, produced a single called “I ain’t gonna play Sun … Continue reading

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Arizona boycott begins, from truckers to D-backs, next stop: MLB All-Star game **UPDATED**

A small group of truckers are already answering Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva’s call for a manufacturing, convention and tourism boycott of his state over its passage of the Arizonapartheid law SB 1070. And people are responding. It started with truckers, … Continue reading

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Miami activist taking on Lou Dobbs

A Miami-based activist is hoping to pull a “Color of Change” on CNN’s odd man out. According to the Miami Herald: Jorge Mursuli, a longtime human rights activist in South Florida who now heads Democracia U.S.A., hopes to create a … Continue reading

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Van Jones 57, Glenn Beck 1

… unfortunately, the “one” is Jones himself. Van Jones has resigned as President Obama’s “green jobs czar,” following a flurry of attacks by Glenn Beck and other right wingers, including members of Congress, who wanted him gone for everything from … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: Less cash, more zombies

So far, 46 advertisers have walked away from the Glenn Beck freak show. But his ratings are surging. People who are scratching their heads over this are forgetting the power of controversy to drive interest and intrigue (and ratings.) So … Continue reading

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More advertisers ditch Beck

Glenn Beck: Master of winger fear. The number of advertisers who have deserted Glenn Beck’s show is now up to 20, making Color of Change the new king of boycotts. Soon, all that will exist between crazed, tearful Beck segments … Continue reading

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Whole Foods calls for cleanup in aisle one

So … Whole Foods is for wingers now? I can just see America’s waiting rooms filling up with conservatives handing over their Insurers Between Me and My Doctor cards at the local medical office, suffering from whiplash over the thought … Continue reading

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