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**UPDATED: Not so fast, GOP: Obama will veto attempt to wriggle out of triggers

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I think the lesson here is …

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Florida follies: Rick Scott’s in-your-face budget signing, cooked polls & angry cops

Shorter Rick Scott at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, where he showed up unannounced to tout the bill he signed that overhauls the state’s water and Everglades management (most environmentalists say, for the worse): “Hi, I’m the governor, … Continue reading

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Rick Scott: education weasel; plus: Republicans would rather lunch with Obama than Mitt

In politics as in life, there’s almost nothing worse than someone who won’t take responsibility for their own ideas. Meanwhile, wouldn’t anyone like to have lunch with the Mittster?

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Rick Scott deeply unpopular; 6 in 10 Floridians call GOP budget ‘unfair to people like them’

Florida’s governor almost could not be more unpopular. And did I mention that the Republican Party is holding its nominating convention in Florida?

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The cutdown: the tea party nearly shut down the gov’t over $352 Million and pap smears, and even failed to get Grover

Boy, are the baggies gonna be mad when they hear about this…

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Tea Party frosh want cuts for you, bucks for their districts (Plus, the GOP serves two masters)

Even a tea partyer knows you don’t get re-elected by denying your hometown money to build roads and bridges.

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Rick Scott: ‘incredibly unpopular’ (just like Walker, Kasich) **BONUS: open letter to voters who’ve changed their minds

Somebody out there voted for this guy. Good luck finding five people who will admit it.

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Poll: Tea party a tiger chasing Republicans off a cliff

The money line from the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which Bill McInturff, the Republican half of the survey team, called a “huge, flashing yellow sign” for Republicans: “It may be hard to understand why someone would try to jump … Continue reading

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Will Republicans believe Bernanke?

The Federal Reserve chair becomes the latest voice telling the GOP their draconian budget cuts will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Will the tea party-bossed Republicans in Washington listen?

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Moody’s: House GOP spending cuts would cost 700,000 jobs

A new report calculates that if the spending plan approved by the Republican-controlled House were to be enacted, it would blow a giant hole in the economy.

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