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Republicans want the sequester

… They have always wanted the sequester. How can I prove it? Easy.

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Bad v Worse in Miami-Dade: the public sector worker attacks begin

Now that he’s mayor, Carlos Gimenez is getting down to business in Miami-Dade.

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Florida follies: Rick Scott’s in-your-face budget signing, cooked polls & angry cops

Shorter Rick Scott at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, where he showed up unannounced to tout the bill he signed that overhauls the state’s water and Everglades management (most environmentalists say, for the worse): “Hi, I’m the governor, … Continue reading

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Obama’s letter to Congress: dump oil subsidies

President Obama has written to House and Senate leaders asking them to end subsidies to Big Oil. 

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One budget compromise, two sets of books

The only thing that’s certain in the Great Government Shutdown Showdown-ending budget compromise is that neither the left nor the right like it much. That’s just about the only thing the two sides agree on. 

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Paul Ryan’s big, bold (bad) plan to end Medicare & Medicaid **UPDATED**

Paul Ryan apparently figured out the bad PR residue from calling his Medicare overhaul a “voucher” plan, so he’s tarted it up as “premium support,” and away we go…

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Poll: On spending, non-tea party Republicans closer to Dems

A chart that sums up the vast gulf between “tea party” Republicans, and the rest of them: Amazing. Now for the back story…

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Menace to Society: 7 Reasons Rick Scott is bad for Florida

When Rick Scott was running for Florida governor, he tagged his “let’s get to work” jobs plan “777.” Now that he’s in office and has issued his first budget, the numbers that come to mind are more like “666.” How … Continue reading

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In Miami-Dade County, cuts are for little people

Miami-Dade Mayor Alvarez demonstrates how true conservative principles work when properly applied by government. Step one: announce steep cuts in services and austerity measures for the constituents – lay off some teachers, shorten the hours at the local library, slash … Continue reading

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